Cody Crouch
Analytics Consultant
Growing up in Oklahoma, Cody took an immediate interest in severe weather. By the age of eight, he was already storm chasing with his grandfather. While chasing tornadoes, he started to get a real knack for the video camera. This talent sparked his interest in filmmaking and storytelling. 
After attending Oklahoma State University, then graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a film and video studies degree, Cody began his career as a journalist. He started at the Oklahoma City NBC affiliate, KFOR, where he tracked tornadoes from the news helicopter. He then spent four years as the only helicopter photographer/reporter in Denver, winning two Emmy awards along the way for his coverage of floods, fires, car chases and, of course, tornadoes.

Ever the storyteller, Cody is always looking for a way to captivate an audience. It may be around the 19th hole on the golf course, with a video camera or through a BI visualization, but Cody believes there is always a story to tell.

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