Our Approach

We're on a Mission to Work with Only the Best Clients

That may sound odd, so let’s take a minute to explain.


Best Work, Best Clients, Best People

At InterWorks, we have a mantra: We want to do our best work, for the best clients with the best people. But what does the idea of best clients mean to us?

In the simplest terms, we want to have a real and meaningful relationship with our clients. Our best clients trust InterWorks to make sure their technology is working for them. This is not a blind trust, of course. We’re more than willing to earn it.

We work to understand our client’s parameters and how they want their business to run. Working with InterWorks is 100% a partnership. We’re not a vendor to clients. We’re a partner.

A Best Client Is Not This

We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most well-known brands in the world —household names like Twitter, Google, Nike and many, many more.

But collecting logos like medals isn’t what interests us. Some of our best clients are businesses you’ve probably never heard of. Some of them are just a short drive from our HQ in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Sometimes, a relationship with a client just isn’t the right fit. Sometimes, we love the client, but the work just isn’t what we want. Other times, we just don’t enjoy working with them. It sounds harsh, but it’s honest. Bad fits stress both us and clients, and we won’t continue doing something if it isn’t working.


Best Clients Lead to More Bests

Clients are the foundation of our business. Without clients, there is no InterWorks. Simple as that. Having Best Clients helps us reach the other pillars of our mantra. Best Clients bring meaningful work, where it’s interesting, progresses and meets goals. This is Best Work.

Best Clients allow our team to have a space to collaborate, grow and learn. It’s where their skills and helpful nature are put to the test. It’s also where they know what they’re doing matters. Having the Best Clients creates a space where the Best People want to be.

Why Tell You About Our Approach?

In our quarter century of business, our clients have helped define who we are. They inform what we will do next. Quite frankly, they pay the bills around here.

We’re not trying to play the lottery with who we take as our clients. We take intentional efforts to find the Best Clients and serve them as the best partner we can be.

Should We Work Together?

Let’s connect and find out.

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