Gheorghe Ghidiu
Analytics Architect
Initially from the small country of Moldova Gheorghe relocated to Germany and the town of Kleve where he studied for his bachelor in International Relations. Gheorghe realised during his studies and his internships that he very much enjoyed playing around with data. For as long as he remembers, he has always been interested in gadgets and techy things. Trying to combine these interests he took an internship for a telecommunications company in their technology controlling department. After another period of academia, Gheorghe had the opportunity to take another internship in a consultancy specialising in digitalisation strategies and telco infrastructure. This cemented his love with consulting, it presented numerous and diverse challenges and have him the opportunity to observe changing environments, and allowed him to make clients happy by solving problems which they cannot solve by themselves. After the internships, Gheorghe decided to study Information Management and Business Intelligence at Maastricht University and is looking forward to a fulfilling career at InterWorks doing what he loves.

However, as interesting as it might be, sometimes you have to take a break from what you love doing every day and do something else that you love doing. When Gheorghe has these opportunities you'll find him travelling to remote places and admiring the beauty of nature, architecture, other cultures, and especially exploring food. Food is Gheorghe's other great passion, you'll find him often whipping up something special with his fiancé. A fan of do-it-yourself around the house and sometimes getting his hands dirty repairing something in his car which is not even broken, it's more about getting to see how devices look from the inside.

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