Eli Sprague
Global IT Support Manager
Eli is one of those people who just can’t know enough. He is always ready to learn something new and different, and that’s exactly what brought him to InterWorks.
From the time he was old enough to add, Eli was helping others with math and later developed a strong passion for the subject itself. When he was old enough to own his own computer, he promptly took it apart to see how it worked. Ever since then, family and friends have come to him for help with math, computer and tech questions. Eli is primarily self-taught; but with a serious passion for learning, he shows no sign of slowing down.
Over a few years Eli has managed to pick up two other interesting hobbies. When not diving into to something new, you can often find him relaxing with a cigar in hand, ready for the next challenge, or riding a unicycle around the town of Stillwater, OK.

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