Dan Murray
Director of Strategic Innovation
Dan has nearly 30 years of business experience as a CFO/ CIO/ COO/VP Planning/ VP Operations, and decided to join InterWorks to provide the best possible data visualization solutions available. He strives to give clients high value solutions that can be implemented quickly, incrementally and without significant risk.
Drawing from his extensive experience, Dan wrote the acclaimed Tableau guidebook, "Tableau Your Data!" His contributions to the Tableau community have earned him the title of Tableau Zen Master.
Outside of being a business intelligence guru, Dan’s hobbies include blogging, analyzing the Federal Budget and offering his opinion on solving any of the world’s major problems. He also enjoys mountain climbing, long wilderness treks and hanging out with his family. According to Dan, after all his life experiences, the most insightful question he’s ever been asked was by his daughter- “Daddy, are there any mommy long-leggers?” As you can see, Dan also benefits from a good sense of humor.

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