Chris Sanders
Analytics Consultant
Chris loves sports. Whether it’s getting ready for the week’s kickball matchup in the local rec league or getting together with friends on Sunday for a day of NFL matchup, he’s there.

One of Chris’s favorite sports stories involves a 23-hour road trip from Richmond, VA, to Houston, TX so that he could see his alma mater – the VCU Rams – play in the Final Four. That story usually ends with “it was awesome, and I never want to be in a car that long again.”

Chris brings his passion for sports into analytics consulting. Chris observes that the quick thinking that sports demand is the fundamental reason why he loves data so much, contending, "Data enables people to learn and grow at a rapid pace – we just have to know how to use it."

For Chris, just like in sports, it all goes back to the simple basics, "Getting better with data means better insights, better insights leads to quicker thinking and quicker thinking leads to big wins." That’s why we’re so thrilled to have Chris on our team.

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