Advance with Assist: Tableau Power User Leaving the Company


Advance with Assist: Tableau Power User Leaving the Company

Advance with Assist shares quick solutions to common challenges encountered by the InterWorks Assist on-demand team.

Here’s the InterWorks Assist question for this week’s post:

“I have a situation where one of our power users left the company, and I’m having trouble finding the data connections related to them as they aren’t published connections. Is there any easy way to find everything his login is associated with to produce a list?”

I can see where this could come up often. You have many workbooks and views that are built to a connection that isn’t published, but you need to find them and produce a list so edits can be made.

Workbooks Tab

Luckily my client is an InterWorks Assist subscriber, so I can use the Data Source Audit feature from Power Tools: Desktop to look at every data connection in every workbook. I can then export this to a Tableau dashboard, Excel file or PDF. I chose a Tableau dashboard to get the below:

Data Source Audit Results

We can then click into the DataSource worksheet and add the Audit – Connection Username field to find the connection information the client was after and filter to the user he was looking for.Click into Tableau Worksheet

We can then use the Export Worksheet to Excel Option to get the list he was after. I could have also just selected the Excel Option first to get an Excel file of all the audit information, then Column Q is the Connection Username that I could filter on.

Questions? Ask Away.

This was one of many questions that can be solved with Power Tools for Tableau. If you have any questions about Tableau or just data in general, InterWorks Assist is always open.

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