How Assist by InterWorks Supports Your Entire Data Stack


How Assist by InterWorks Supports Your Entire Data Stack

Assist by InterWorks has been helping hundreds of InterWorks clients for years now. Assist got its beginnings as an on-demand, Tableau assistance offering connecting users directly with our consultants. Tableau users could easily hop on a call, wherever they are in the world, and chat with Tableau experts who could help them through any issues they had with their data, content or tool-specific functionality in their Tableau landscape.

Assist definitely still offers this support to users, but what you might not know is that Assist has expanded and can now support your entire data stack! This includes strategy and design, architecture and IT, data models, platform transitions and, of course, analytics. Assist covers many disciplines over many tools, giving you get the full breadth of InterWorks with your subscription. Think of us as your team’s backup when you get stuck or a center of excellence to support your team’s success with our full team. Here’s a little more detail on the big areas we support:

Analytics & Data Visualization Platforms

We’ve long been Tableau superfans, but we also appreciate that many organizations possess other data analysis and visualization tools. Our team of analytics consultants are well-versed in several different platforms, including ThoughtSpot and Power BI. Many of the underlying best practices for sound dashboarding and data design apply across the board, but we also possess the tool-specific knowledge to help you build a more efficient and engaging analytics practice.

Data Warehousing & Cloud Data Platforms

Where and how your data is stored absolutely makes a difference, but knowing which levers to pull and how to optimize your data warehousing and cloud data platforms can be a lot to manage. We’re familiar with every major data warehouse on the market, but we’re especially adept at understanding Snowflake’s cloud data platform. Whether you’re hosted on AWS or Azure, you’re looking to leverage powerful integrations or you’re simply wanting to tailor your platform for maximum efficiency, we stand ready to help when you need it.

Data Transformation, Data Modeling & ETL

Just as important as the platforms you use to store and analyze your data is the quality of the data itself as well as your data pipelines. In addition to having deep knowledge of platforms like Matillion and FiveTran, we also have a sizeable team of data engineers who can assist with general data modelling, structure and strategy. In fact, we often find that Assist users come to us with questions surrounding analytics platforms only for it to lead to a deeper conversation about the underlying data. The point is that we understand data lineage from source to consumption and can guide you every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing & Tiers

You might be wondering who exactly Assist is for and the types of organizations that can get the most value from it. The truth is that we support enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses alike! As such, we have flat-rate tiers for individuals, teams, departments and enterprises. This allows Assist subscribers to choose the support package that best fits their needs without going over on cost.

Take Support Further with KeepWatch by InterWorks

Want even more coverage for your entire data stack? KeepWatch by InterWorks gives you full monitoring and maintenance of platforms like Tableau Cloud, Snowflake, AWS, Azure, Alteryx Server, Matillion, Databricks, dbt, Curator by InterWorks and more! With KeepWatch, you can mitigate performance issues and downtime before they even start. Plus, you get the added benefit 24x7x265 support from our global team of experts. When paired with Assist by InterWorks, you’ll have every base covered and be fully supported by the collective InterWorks team. That’s a lot of knowledge!

Ready to Get the Support You Need?

There are so many benefits to Assist that simply won’t fit into a single blog post, so we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about how Assist can uniquely support your organization’s analytics expertise needs. We’re always here in a punch, but by booking your Assist subscription, you can rest easy knowing help is just a call, email or Slack message away.

I’d love to connect to discuss any question you may have. Reach out today and let’s start a conversation.

KeepWatch by InterWorks

Whether you need support for one platform or many, our technical experts have you covered.

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