Advance with Assist: Mass Parameter Replacement


Advance with Assist: Mass Parameter Replacement

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Question: In my workbook, I’ve created my own problem. I have three parameters that are identical. I’d like to only need to update one, so is there a way to swap these without having to go to every calculation I’ve created with them?

This scenario happens on occasion with self-service analytics. You create a new calculation, forgetting that you made it before. Perhaps multiple worksheets are brought together into a single workbook, but the field names don’t match, so you’ve got some clean-up to do when you switch the data source on one of the views.

The great news is there is a simple fix with Replace References.

If you right-click on any dimension, measure or parameter, you will see a menu option toward the bottom for Replace References:

replace references in Tableau

This will bring up a menu asking what you want to replace it with:

replace references menu in Tableau

Replacing references will replace anywhere that field has been used, including calculations—as with this question. Once you replace references, check to see if any fields in your data window have a red check mark. If so, something about the replacement didn’t work. Perhaps it was a different data type, so now you have some logic mismatched with aggregated or non-aggregated options. You also may need to adjust colors as that is a new field being used, and the color palette likely updated as well.

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