Portals for Tableau New Feature Spotlight: Export CSV Feature


Portals for Tableau New Feature Spotlight: Export CSV Feature

The Portals for Tableau New Features series is designed to keep users up to date with all the latest features being added to InterWorks' embedded analytics solution, Portals for Tableau.

Please note that Portals for Tableau are now officially known as Curator by InterWorks. You can learn more at the official Curator website.

Until now in Portals for Tableau, we’ve basically forced you to allow your users to download a crosstab of each dashboard by using the Export CSV button.

Portals for Tableau: Export CSV

If you didn’t want to let your users access this button, the only solution was to hide it with custom CSS. After a few requests for this custom CSS, we realized that we were missing an opportunity to make your lives easier.

The new answer is that there is a backend setting under Settings > Portal Settings > Features > Action Buttons. You can now decide whether you want this button to be shown and easily make the change with the flick of a switch (and clicking the Save button, of course).


Feel free to use your newfound power to change it as often as you want. You could even toggle it on and off every few minutes if you want to play pranks with your colleagues. This feature is one more way we are trying to enable you to be yourself, so we won’t judge if you decide to go that route.

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