InterWorks Desks Around the World


InterWorks Desks Around the World

When you’re a global data consultancy, the work environment can vary greatly from person to person. For some InterWorkers, their workspace consists of an expansive desk in one of our offices with multiple monitors and all sorts of personal flair. For others, it might simply be a laptop with some headphones on a packed train into London. Whatever the setup, our people make it their own and hammer out the best work day in and day out.

This got us curious: What do our different desks actually look like? We thought it would be fun for InterWorkers to share their setups and then share those with the world. The next time you wonder where the magic happens, odds are it’s from one of these workstations.

Chelsie Wilson – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Yes, I have placemats under my monitors here in Stillwater. I do things such as payroll and onboarding!”

Chelsie Wilson Desk

Brenden Goetz – Boulder, Colorado

“InterWorks Boulder here (a.k.a. my bedroom). Generally teaching virtual trainings, building dashboards and doing some data engineering in this space. Got some FlowingData inspiration on the wall and a beautiful IW desktop wallpaper on my screens.”

Brenden Goetz Desk

Kirsten Hoffman – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“I need to decorate my white walls.”

Kirsten Hoffman Desk

Chris Hastie – London, UK

“Took me several days to tidy up enough for a picture but here we are! And as soon as I’ve tidied that area on the left, I usually get this one keeping me company.”

Chris Hastie Desk

Jennifer Fair – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“My desk with a foot hammock for those short people.”

Jennifer Fair Desk

Lyah Barberan – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“#TheJunkYard where Ryan Swann and I play with the new stuff and fix all the broken stuff (but also keep some of the broken stuff because we’re weird like that).”

Lyah Barberan Desk

James Wright – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Home desk. I’ll find some 737s and send you some photos too.”

James Wright Desk

Pam Teel – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“BIOps in Stillwater.”

Pam Teel Desk

Tim Rhymer and Eli Sprague – Empower 2018

Tim: “For today and tomorrow.”

Tim Rhymer Desk

Eli: Wait, Tim – are you at Empower too?!

Eli Sprague Desk

Rachel Kurtz – New York, New York

“It’s small but efficient. That’s what happens when you live in NYC.”

Rachel Kurtz Desk

Keith Johnson – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Located in Stillwater, Delta Group Team Lead, wireless museum/R2 collector.”

Keith Johnson Desk

Raphael Teufel – A Train in Germany

“My office travels at 190mph.”

Brandi White – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Good things come to those who hustle!”

Brandi White Desk

Dave Sirey – San Francisco, California

“I really wish you would have asked this when my view was overlooking the new Salesforce Park in SF. Now I’ve been moved to the whiteboard seat.”

David Sirey Desk

Jenny Parnell – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Minimalism FTW! No extra monitors; got rid of those a while back. Moleskine is a must. Post-it notes keep me sane. A lil’ bit of artwork keeps me happy. Plenty of space left for anyone to come into my office at any time to hammer out the next steps of their projects together. And the USB stick that’s taped to the wall is the unofficial (official) backup of most of the creative work for Tableau Conference 2018.”

Jenny Parnell Desk

Jubail Caballero – Katy, Texas

“Needs more coffee.”

Jubail Caballero Desk

Katie Wagner – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“At my spot in OKC, you’ll find the places I love, the places I’ve been and the reasons I love IW.”

Katie Wagner Desk

Eugenia Kis – A Train in the Netherlands

“Random Tableau students!”

Eugenia Kis Desk

Colby Owens – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Ultimate teacher’s corner!”

Colby Owens Desk

Alyscia Sanderson – Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Sleek & Simple: Keeping all things ‘accounted’ for at my cube in the Stillwater office.”

Alyscia Sanderson Desk

BONUS: Sophia Jahanshahi – Stillwater, Oklahoma

Sophia’s Office Space: The ultimate travel desk (she keeps getting kicked out of her spots because we need room for growth).

Sophia Jahanshahi Desk

BONUS: Holt Calder – Stillwater, Oklahoma

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet when Holt decided to make his desk as festive as possible.

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