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Every day, we are flooded with data visualizations. Whether it’s a bar chart in a newspaper, an infographic you see online or a pie chart you see in a quarterly earnings report, people are turning numbers into pictures all around us. For those of us...

Next, we'll explore the sixth point under the Data section of the Tableau Performance Checklist: “Use extracts wherever possible to accelerate performance. Hide unused and confidential fields. Roll up data granularity by pre-aggregating or filtering. Break hierarchies to only visible dimensions” There are many reasons to utilize extracts...

In today’s article, we’ll examine User Functions that you can use as part of the Create Calculated Field tool. To access this window, right-click on either the Measure or Dimension window and select Create Calculated Field. Then, select User from the function drop-down menu. The user...

I’ve been concentrating for weeks on updating my book to include new Tableau 9.0 features. There are a couple of new features that will be featured in this video:  The Data Intpreter Ad hoc calculations (with autofill) The video will also show you how to incorporate data blending...

Today, we’ll continue our exploration of the functions you can use when you create a calculated field. We covered Logical Functions and Number Functions in the two previous articles on this topic. Now, we’ll cover Date Functions. To bring up the Calculated Field window, right-click anywhere...

The volume, velocity and variety of data (Big Data) has been beaten to death over the last few years. I think it’s a silly metaphor. Why? How many of you have “run out” of storage recently? Has your company told you that you can’t have...

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