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One of the easiest-to-use diagnostic and troubleshooting tools we use here at InterWorks when working with Vertica clusters is Tableau. Vertica tracks a vast amount of information about cluster and database status. Diving into that data and quickly building visualizations and dashboards from these system...

Whenever I get the chance to introduce someone to the world of Tableau, one of the first things people tend to fall in love with are the tooltips and the ability to quickly view the underlying data of a mark. The default tooltips in Tableau...

Our business intelligence consultants are constantly engaged in tackling challenge after challenge. The individual capabilities of each are impressive enough, but what they accomplish together is what makes them such an effective team. We’ve decided to share some of the solutions they’ve created together in...

This is the second post on Table Calculations in Tableau. The first post covered the Groundwork, pill types, a worksheet layout, and the basics of the TOTAL() function. This post will look at what I consider the functions: INDEX(), FIRST(), LAST(), and SIZE(), partitioning vs....

Custom Table Calculations is one of the most advanced concepts in Tableau. The main resources Tableau provides can be found at On-Demand Training - Table Calculations (requires sign in) and Top 10 Tableau Table Calculations where you can find a variety of examples and a white paper with additional details....

Over on the forum, Jeremy asked about making trellis charts. For more info on trellis/panel charts, John Peltier has a great article about them. Consider a case where you want to visualise two measures (eg sales and time) for a Dimension with many members, such...

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