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For a more up-to-date walkthrough of this feature, visit the recently updated Curator blog post. Disclaimer: This is a more advanced topic than our typical 101 blogs. You will need to feel somewhat comfortable with editing HTML code to complete the activity. You don’t necessarily...

One of the biggest selling points for Portals for Tableau is how feature-rich and flexible it is. Portals for Tableau supports numerous versions of Tableau Server, Tableau Online and Tableau Public; multiple sites within a Tableau Server; a bunch of authentication methods and SAML identity...

The advanced filtering capabilities are some of the most popular features of the portal product. These are made possible by Tableau supplying a handy interface, called the Tableau JavaScript API, for the portal to use to interact with the dashboard. The vast majority of dashboards...

Several of our clients utilize their portal to show dashboards to numerous clients of theirs in a multi-tenant architecture. Unlike traditional apartment buildings, these tenants shouldn’t really know the others exist. They shouldn’t hear anyone stomping around like an elephant on their ceiling in the...

While it isn’t our recommended approach, Portals for Tableau can be hosted in a container environment, such as Docker. There be dragons with this process, so consider this your dragon-slaying guide. Persistent Database and Filesystem Portals for Tableau uses a small database to house your portal’s configuration....

As you probably know by now, Portals for Tableau can have a completely custom theme. Each portal can look completely different from every other portal. On top of that, a single portal can look completely different depending on which groups the logged-in user is a...

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