Happy New Year to all the readers of the InterWorks blog; 2018 has been a whirlwind of a year! In 2018, InterWorks steadily provided value to our clients in the data space, and as we kick off 2019, it seemed appropriate to prep you guys...

It all started when I wanted to make a dashboard on the correlation between the brightness of the moon and crime activity. It’s one of those things everyone has heard in their life whenever crime or hospitalizations spike (or at least I have): “It must...

Matillion – cool name, cool tech. Before I get into the actual tech, I’ve just got to comment: Who comes up with all these company names? It seems like in the entire tech industry, the Coolest Names Award is going to big data. Okay back...

Big data has been the rage for a couple of years. There have been many posts written on the explosion of digital data. It’s no longer surprising to learn that we are creating more digital data through machine-generated sources than humans. What’s more surprising to me...

What the world needs now is a ubiquitous schema that is without form and can capture everything. That sounds like Hadoop or some NoSQL capture/archive systems. We want these data sources to be more performant so that they can also support analytical analysis with tools like Tableau. Spark will help that along. What the...

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