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URL actions are powerful and useful things to have in your Tableau dashboards. Many use these actions to navigate from one dashboard to another. Portals for Tableau supports URL actions, but we suggest a few adjustments for the best results. This guide will help you...

Welcome back to Portals for Tableau 101! In today's lesson, we will cover how to add a dashboard to your portal from Tableau Server. If you missed the last lesson, please check it out as we cover how to set up your portal to connect...

  You’ve got a Portal for Tableau. You’ve got Dataiku. You’ve also got an ingenious idea to use some of the data science from your awesome new Dataiku project on your portal’s frontend. For instance, you want to provide an interactive form to predict the weather...

"Technology is definitely intimidating to those who don't work with it on a day-to-day basis. Once you get to the Portal and it's all very intuitive, that fear or that intimidation goes away." Kat Nagar, Director of Compensation and Talent Analytics, and Karl Riddett, Director of...

Do you suffer from an irrational fear of robots, drones or mechanical sentient beings? Do you get anxiety when you think of the phrase, “artificial intelligence,” see someone dancing with quick and jerky motions or hear the theme song to "The Jetsons?" If so, you may have a disorder named "robophobia." You...

2017 was without a doubt the year of embedded analytics. So, we wanted to emphasize the year’s biggest wins for our version of embedded analytics, Portals for Tableau. It may seem small, but this year we built our Portal solution into a product that can update without...

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