Portals for Tableau New Feature Spotlight: Dashboard List Filters


Portals for Tableau New Feature Spotlight: Dashboard List Filters

Please note that Portals for Tableau are now officially known as Curator by InterWorks. You can learn more at the official Curator website.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Looking back early in your career, if you needed to crunch some numbers, you clicked on Microsoft Excel, figured out how to get your data into the spreadsheet, massaged it some and then hand-built some calculations and charts. It was somewhat clunky, but it worked.

There was a great sense of accomplishment each time you were able to produce the number you needed, and you began to feel like an expert at Excel who could do the impossible. You sat higher in your chair, you spoke with more authority on conference calls and you didn’t blink if someone wanted a new question answered because you had confidence that you could bend Excel to your will so long as you were given enough time.

Boosting Your Skills with Tableau

Now, fast-forward to the first time you got your hands on Tableau Desktop. It was amazing. You could do the things you were doing in Excel but in a fraction of the time and with much better charts. You realized how clunky building ad hoc and lasting reports in Excel really is. You now feel like a wizard of all things data. A hush falls across the room as you enter because of how revered you are by your peers. You look back on your atrophying Excel skills and chuckle because of how quaint it seems now to have to work that much to do the work that is so effortless today.

Going Further with Portals for Tableau

Fast-forward again to today. You’ve got so many priceless dashboards that are being shared across the organization from your own installation of Portals for Tableau. There’s a huge audience that gets to experience the magic that you’ve created with a little help from Tableau. It’s like living in Nirvana … except for one little nagging issue: If you need to tweak a setting in your portal, there are so many of your wonderful dashboards to scroll past just to find the ones you need. It can take precious seconds of your very important day. Sure, you could use the search feature to find them one by one by title or description, but that feels clunky. VIPs like you shouldn’t be treated like this.

We agree.

Introducing Dashboard List Filters

Portals for Tableau now has the ability for advanced filtering. With just a couple of clicks, you immediately get to the list of specific dashboards you need. Once again, you get to feel like a wizard with your mouse as your wand.

You want all the dashboards with a certain keyword to report to you at once? Click, click, done!

You want to see all the dashboards that are featured on the home page? Click, done!

You’re now getting drunk with all of this newfound power. Go ahead. You deserve it.

There are search filters to show dashboards with specific dashboard filters, parameters, tutorials and keywords. There are checkboxes to immediately show the dashboards that are hidden, featured, stories or have tabs.

They are all ready to do your bidding. Command them as you will.

Portals for Tableau: Dashboard List Filters

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