Inside InterWorks: Data Engineer


Inside InterWorks: Data Engineer

Go behind the scenes of the day-to-day responsibilities of InterWorkers and get a glimpse of our unique company culture.

It’s about this time of year that we start reflecting on our lives, both personal and professional, and thinking about what we want to do as the New Year creeps up on us. With Christmas fast approaching and that downtime lull of January and February, some of us may even start thinking that now is the time to make a change. If that’s you, bear with me; I promise I will get to the point. Internally here at InterWorks, we are taking a moment to reflect, too, and we are reviewing the challenges we have overcome and the opportunities for 2022. In particular, we are seeing more clients look for specialisation within data engineering. Maybe you can see where I am going with this?

Engineering the Future

So, what do we mean by “data engineer”? Ten years ago, data engineering was not a thing, but now it has become pivotal in many organisations. At InterWorks, we classify a data engineer as someone whose job it is to prepare data for both analysis and operational uses. Their aim is to make disparate data sources come together and be accessible for the end user.

My point? We are hiring globally for exactly that role! We need someone whose overall data and programming savvy outweighs niche experience with one specific database platform. Whether you’ve worked primarily in SQL Server, Postgres or something else, all we really care about is that you have a strong understanding of building data pipelines and are ready to hit the ground running. It’s important for all of our employees to be eager collaborators, ready to work together with colleagues and be on the constant lookout for opportunities to learn.

InterWorks is a great company (stay with me), and I wanted to highlight why people should be applying for this role when there are so many organisations pitching for this talent. I asked some of our existing data engineers, new and old, two simple questions:

  1. What do you love about your job here at InterWorks?
  2. Why did you choose InterWorks as the company you wanted to be part of?

Here’s what they said.

Opportunities to Grow on a Supportive Team

Azucena Coronel – Data Engineer, APAC

“I love the variety of activities I get to do as a data engineer here at InterWorks, from chatting with the client about their requirements to designing their solution, implementing it, getting stuck with good SQL problems, then having some meetings with the client to talk a bit more about the strategic panorama. I also enjoy the exposure to different tools needed to accomplish our work. I like being able to suggest the best tool and strategy for the client.

The big differentiator of InterWorks is its culture. I have found that here, people do not just come to work and that’s it; here, we build friendships, learn together and have a lot of support to grow as people and as professionals. I have found quite humbling the amount of experience we all have together as a “hive mind”… it is quite impressive that every time I’ve asked something technical in any of the Slack channels, I’ve received a good pointer and many times even a complete answer in less than 10 minutes. It feels that InterWorks never sleeps! With us being around the world, there is always some other crazy techie ready to bounce ideas with. It’s great!”

“Why did I choose InterWorks? I was a client and loved working with InterWorks. I loved how excited the employees were about their jobs, and I wanted to know why. Now I do.”

Chris Hastie – Data Engineer, EMEA

“Putting aside the excellent culture and focusing specifically on my role as a data engineer, there are a few reasons why I love my job:

  • I am encouraged and supported to improve my knowledge in the areas that I wish to specialise in. I’m currently ranked sixth globally in the list of Snowflake Data Superheroes, and this would not have happened if it weren’t for the support from InterWorks. Specifically, if I express an interest in achieving certain technical challenges and we have a client that needs it, I will be brought in to help tackle those challenges. This has allowed me to specialise myself in a way that I enjoy.
  • I’m consistently given the opportunity to expand my skillset to new technologies. Whilst there is a fair amount of overlap with our core tools, most projects involve at least one non-core tool that allows me to play and learn something completely new.
  • We have an intelligent work methodology that keeps me engaged, and we don’t burn through client hours waiting for something to happen. If a client is not ready for us, we pivot to another project and keep ourselves occupied. It’s better for the client’s budget, and it’s better for our consultants’ mental health.
  • I just love working on the types of technical challenges we face at InterWorks daily.
  • We protect our consultants. It’s a rare situation when you encounter what could be referred to as a ‘bad client,’ but if the scenario does arise, InterWorks will protect their consultants and separate from clients who are a negative experience to work with.

I personally chose InterWorks as I was intrigued by the culture and the focus on learning and development. I did not join InterWorks as a data engineer but instead as an analytics consultant. I had the skills for data engineering, but we did not yet have a data practice in the EU. However, I was happy pivoting to an analytics consultant role since the company’s ethos appealed to me on a personal level. Of course, once we were ready to start the Data practice, I was first with my hand raised to get back to the work I love, with the added bonus of doing it with a company that makes me happy and treats me well.”

Scott Perry – Data Engineer, USA

“What I love about my job at InterWorks is the ability to do my favorite part of my job creating amazing solutions to solve problems for my clients without having to do the stuff I don’t like so much (admin, day-to-day maintenance, etc.). I get to interact with data professionals from all over, and we learn from each other.

And why did I choose InterWorks? I was a client and loved working with InterWorks. I loved how excited the employees were about their jobs, and I wanted to know why. Now I do.”

Join Our Team!

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. InterWorks is hiring for all sorts of positions, and while the roles vary, rest assured that the support, opportunities for development, and fun you’ll experience will be found across the board. Explore our open roles, and come be a part of the InterWorks magic!

Apply Today!

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