Celebrating Student Employee Appreciation Week


Celebrating Student Employee Appreciation Week

InterWorks is celebrating remarkable milestones achieved by our dedicated team members who are either completing their undergraduate studies or venturing into higher education pursuits. We’ve taken the opportunity to gather some reflections from our managers, which we’ve compiled here.

These insights offer a clear glimpse into the essence of InterWork’s work values, ones that we hold in high regard: the commitment to excellence, the pursuit of greatness and the unwavering dedication to serving our clients with the utmost skill. As our CEO, Behfar Jahanshahi likes to say: “Do the best work, for the best clients, with the best people.” 

As you explore the sentiments shared by our managers, you’ll find that their thoughts encapsulate the very essence of our culture. They underscore the belief that our people are not merely employees, but essential members of an integrated community driven by a collective desire to excel in our unique strengths. In their following narratives, you’ll discern a deep appreciation for the talents, ambitions and potential of our student employees, whose presence enhances our workplace and fosters a sense of unity and collaboration.

“One of our core values at InterWorks is investing in strong relationships that are mutually beneficial for us and the communities we live in. Our student internship program is an excellent example. For InterWorks, we get access to energetic individuals full of talent and ideas. For our student employees, they get quality experience in a supportive setting.

We’ve had so many great people come through who have either come on full time post-grad or gone on to work for other high-profile companies or startups. It’s a privilege to be a part of their journey, and I think everyone at InterWorks would agree they make our workplace a much more vibrant place.”

Behfar Jahanshahi, CEO

IT Team

Humberto Velasco, IT Intern:

“Humberto joined the Internal Support team as an intern last June and hit the ground running. Within a few weeks, he was already being requested by our IT Teams to assist in projects and now utilizes part of his time helping on one of our client-facing teams. Humberto is always ready to jump on any task. He is known for leaving any ask or scenario better than it was when he got involved. We look forward to seeing the things Humberto accomplishes!”

Tim Adams, IT Support Manager

Carter Lye, IT Intern:

“‘Calculated’ and ‘Precise’ are the first qualities that come to mind when describing Carter. Any task he has tackled has been with precision and the aim to understand the scenario and solution. He is willing to jump at an issue at a moment’s notice and always happy to help. This includes things around the office that might not fall under the ‘IT Support’ umbrella. If he is not assisting someone with a tech issue, he is always ready to help anyone in need. His joy in helping others understand their tech has been a benefit to our Internal Support team!”

Tim Adams, IT Support Manager

Evan Wright, IT Intern:

“Evan joined the team and immediately jumped on any task he could take something apart. His eagerness to learn how something works and ways to improve processes have been a huge help to supporting InterWorks. Evan is always excited to take apart a broken machine or find a fix on a quirky bug or issue. There is not a time where he doesn’t have a smile and willingness to learn a new skill or technology. We look forward to seeing his progress through his internship!”

Tim Adams, IT Support Manager

BI Team

Wesley Cannatti, BI Intern:

“Wesley is an A+ intern here at InterWorks. He is always eager to lend a hand to fellow consultants with dashboards, presentations, blog posts and technical internal efforts —wherever he can jump in to help, he’s there. His proactive nature is not just about offering assistance; it’s about embracing challenges and learning new methods and tools. Wesley’s combination of a thirst for learning and his dedication to doing valuable work at InterWorks is a powerful duo, and exactly what we love to see in both interns and consultants alike at InterWorks. We’re very happy to have Wesley as part of our team at InterWorks.”

Ryan Callihan, Analytics Lead

SecOps Team

Eli Sprague, Global Infrastructure/SecOps Manager:

“Eli, a seasoned professional, embodies a unique blend of passions and talents. He is often found planning his next adventure to far-flung destinations. Whether it is hiking the misty trails or savoring street food in Tokyo, Eli thrives on exploring new cultures and immersing himself in unfamiliar landscapes. But it is not just his love for travel that sets him apart. Eli is a connoisseur of ramen — a culinary enthusiast. He is on a perpetual quest for the perfect bowl, whether it is a humble street-side stall, or an upscale ramen tucked away in a bustling city. It runs so deep into his being that he even needed a custom license plate: “RAMEN.” His brilliance extends beyond his taste buds as well.

As a tech wizard, Eli deftly navigates the digital realm. He is the go-to person for troubleshooting, coding conundrums, and mastering the latest security and compliance platforms. What truly defines Eli, though, is the unwavering willingness to help others. Whether it is mentoring a junior colleague, patiently explaining a software feature or volunteering for community projects.”

Aaron Richarson, Senior Director, IT Services

Brayden Edwards, Information Assurance & Security Intern:

“Self motivated, proactive and always ready to tackle new work with a cheerful attitude, Brayden is a team member who cares greatly about the work he and his team puts forward. He came into InterWorks as a curious individual and has constantly engaged to push into new areas and it’s been fun to see him grow. Especially in areas like helping manage our third party risks, he has really gone above and beyond to ensure things gets handled well both now and in the future.

Additionally, while being pretty new into the space, he helped assess and implement a new email security platform for us. His quick wit is always a joy on projects as he’ll be attentive and listening, then shoot in from nowhere with a spot on quip — hilarious and unexpected. I’m really glad to have him as part of the team and to see where we can help him go!”

Eli Sprague, Global Infrastructure/SecOps Manager

Marshall Proctor, Information Security Analyst:

“Marshall, while still in school, is our first person to be brought directly into our SecOps team full time from our internship program, which is an amazing start. He’s had clear sights on what he wants to do since applying at InterWorks initially as an intern, and seeing him working towards delivering that has been nothing short of wonderful. He’s a diligent member of the team, quick to get in every morning and champion what challenges await the day. Seeing his skillset grow over the past year and a half has been a joy, especially when comparing how he engaged in security incidents that arose a year ago vs. how he handles them today. You can see the skill and confidence that has been acquired in action.

It’s been a fun journey, as the growth has kept us on our toes sometimes! I remember one time, we went through a panic, almost calling an all hands on deck moment where some automated procedures he was working on worked a little TOO well and caused it to look like a critical account had been compromised — it quickly became a good laugh for everyone involved.”

-Eli Sprague, Global Infrastructure/SecOps Manager

Employee Experience

Sam Beaty, Employee Experience Intern:

“Sam Beaty is an Employee Experience Intern at InterWorks and will graduate in May with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  Sam’s commitment to continuous learning not only benefits her personal and professional growth, but also enriches our team with fresh perspectives and insights. Her journey from starting as an Architecture student and moving to Hospitality and Tourism Management highlights the significance of supporting student employees in their academic pursuits, fostering an environment where they can thrive both in their roles and in their educational endeavors.”

Kelsey Lee, Global Employee Experience Lead

Riley Logsdon, Employee Experience Intern:

“Riley Logsdon is an Employee Experience Intern at InterWorks studying Agribusiness with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University.  Riley supports the InterWorks team on a daily basis by providing reception services in our headquarters office.  Riley’s contributions make a significant difference, and we’re honored to support his growth and success on both academic and professional fronts.”

Kelsey Lee, Global Employee Experience Lead

Catie McCraw, Recruitment Coordinator:

Catie McCraw is our Recruiting Coordinator at InterWorks. Catie’s dedication to her role here, alongside her pursuit of an MBA at the University of Oklahoma (OU), showcases the invaluable qualities student employees bring to the workplace. Catie works to look for talent and nurture candidate relationships, all while furthering her education. She demonstrates the exceptional talent and dedication of our student employees.”

Kelsey Lee, Global Employee Experience Lead

APAC Region

Roger Garcia, Solutions Engineer:

“Oh my word, Roger is a machine! I know before I get on a call, I better have some homework for him and I better set aside some time for a good talk on whatever we discussed previously, because he will have analyzed it, become a master in it and wants to challenge my thinking. That is awesome and to be embraced!

I’ve never met somebody quite so energized and hungry to learn something new. It’s amazing to see him in action, and it’s also quite contagious. Even this old dog has learned some new tricks by watching how Roger works and how he voraciously gobbles up new content.

On Slack, Roger has his own personal icon — the ‘Roger Roger’ of the droids from the Star Wars: The Clone War series. What started as a friendly nickname has become synergistic with how Roger operates. You’d swear there are two (or more) of him running around from the effort and output he puts out!”

Paul Middlewick, Solutions Director, APAC:

Also a quick word from Roger’s former manager:

“Roger is always game for anything, especially when it comes to helping out his teammates or trying out something he’s never done before. I’m genuinely unsure if the word ‘No’ exists in his vocabulary. The theme of most of our calls over the years has been about some new tech he was exploring, some server he was playing with, some cloud app he’d been playing with, some demo he made during the course of the week.

It was no surprise to me when Roger casually mentioned he’s also been studying a Masters degree in Classical Civilisations whilst the rest of the world is unwinding after work. I really have no idea where he finds the time or energy, but he’s as relentless as the Duracell Bunny. I’m sure I speak for everyone in the APAC team when I say we love having you here, Roger!” 

Jack Faulkner, Services Lead 

The InterWorks Spirit

Indeed, it is individuals like our student employees who embody the spirit of InterWorks, transforming our workplace into more than just an office, but a nurturing environment that fosters growth, learning and belonging. Their passion, enthusiasm and dedication serve as a testament to the values we hold dear — values that have shaped our identity and propelled us towards greater heights of success.

Thanks to you all! 

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Celebrating Student Employee Appreciation Week InterWorks is celebrating remarkable milestones achieved by our dedicated team members who are either completing their undergraduate ...

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