InterWorks, Tableau and Amazon Web Services Unveil the Modern Cloud Analytics Initiative


InterWorks, Tableau and Amazon Web Services Unveil the Modern Cloud Analytics Initiative

Earlier this week, at Tableau Conference 2019, Tableau and Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled a new initiative that will change the way Tableau users scale self-service analytics in the cloud: Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA). This initiative combines the deep well of partner resources from both organizations and unifies them toward the common goal of giving customers a reliable blueprint for analytics migration to the cloud.

Speaking of those deep partner resources, InterWorks is both a Tableau and AWS partner. That’s why it made perfect sense when Tableau and AWS chose InterWorks to help them roll out this new initiative to customers. As an organization that knows firsthand how powerful analytics in the cloud can be, we’re ready to dive in:

“Commonly accessible, high-quality analytics are a game-changer for our clients. The cloud is fundamental to a performant and scalable modern analytics platform. No one has done more to define the cloud than AWS, and modern analytics than Tableau. I’m proud for InterWorks to be part of this partnership.”

James Wright, Global BI Practice Director, InterWorks

What Benefits Does Modern Cloud Analytics Provide?

Deeper partnerships are always worth celebrating, but what makes MCA special? Well, we’re not kidding when we say this is a big deal. The most noticeable benefits of implementing MCA in an organization are lower operational costs, lower overall customer costs and validated migration processes. Tableau and AWS have spent a lot of time analyzing the pain points of analytics migrations. As you might imagine, cost is always a top consideration. With MCA, the cost to migrate workloads from on-prem to cloud is drastically reduced.

How Does Modern Cloud Analytics Work?

All of the above benefits are achieved through a proven methodology. Through detailed assessments and proofs of concept, an MCA partner like InterWorks can identify your exact migration requirements to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective way forward. The first step is to help you optimize your Tableau subscription-based licensing with AWS compute resources. Then, using new prescriptive migration guidance, application architecture, tooling and operating models, migration becomes an incredibly streamlined experience.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. We’ll call this the InterWorks wrinkle because there are some distinctly InterWorks solutions and expertise that can augment MCA even further. The first of these is ServerCare by InterWorks. ServerCare is an all-inclusive Tableau Server management offering. In the scope of MCA, that simply means InterWorks’ server experts can take care of moving any Tableau Server workloads for you.

The next step in this MCA evolution with InterWorks is moving data into our preferred data stack, consisting of AWS S3, Snowflake and Matillion. Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehouse takes performance and scalability to a new level, while data transformation with Matillion automates countless hours of manual scripting. The best part is that all of these partners are closely linked, and their technologies integrate beautifully with each other. InterWorks’ deep understanding of the entire ecosystem is what ties it all together.

Let’s Take the Next Step

There’s much to be said about MCA that can’t be captured in one blog post, so if you’re curious about how MCA can make an impact on your organization, you can check out Tableau’s MCA page or reach out to our team directly! InterWorks and our partners at Tableau and AWS are ready to help you get faster insights with less overhead.

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