Solution Stories: Deep Dive To Uncover Hidden Data Issues


Solution Stories: Deep Dive To Uncover Hidden Data Issues

Welcome to our latest Solution Stories blog series, where we delve into real-world client stories that offer valuable insights into navigating and solving everyday business challenges. These stories are often amalgamations of several real clients, merging real-life scenarios with standard, practical solutions.

Our next story revolves around Jennifer, a senior data analyst at a global logistics company. Jennifer lives in Tableau daily and loves it. She’s passionate about the tool and what it’s doing for her company. Recently, she grappled with persistent issues regarding Level-of-Detail calculations. Her company uses InterWorks for training and has an Assist subscription to provide ongoing help to analysts. Jennifer uses the service occasionally, often getting quick tips and directions to help her solve her problems. This time, when she reached out, it was a little different.

Flowchart of Tableau steps for filters

Dustin, an InterWorks Assist team member, noticed the trend in Jennifer’s requests and a few other analysts at the company. It became clear that the underlying issue was more profound than the surface level-of-detail problems she encountered. Dustin suggested a different approach. Instead of opting for temporary fixes, Dustin recommended a comprehensive Data Review and Strategy. He planned to delve deeper into the persistent issues and revamp the analytical database setup. He aimed to fix the problems and eliminate the root cause.

Working together, Jennifer and the InterWorks team jumped into action. The Data Review was a thorough process involving an intensive examination of the existing setup, identifying bottlenecks and understanding how the data was used in reports. The review uncovered data architecture improvements that could help Jennifer and her fellow analysts complete their everyday tasks. In particular, the analysts need additional snapshots and summary tables to use in their daily work. The results solved Jennifer’s immediate reporting challenge and created a more robust data platform that allowed for more performant, faster delivered and more accurate results.

Jennifer’s story reaffirms our belief in the power of identifying trends and patterns to spot structural improvements. Jennifer’s company made the right investment in their data platform by making it easy for their users to seek help and because those help requests were aggregated to help spot more significant trends and patterns. Jennifer’s case was yet another testament to this, reminding us that the right strategy found through thoughtful analysis can turn challenges into triumphs.

Do you have some unique platform challenges? Or are you looking for some day-to-day help? User support and training were one aspect that helped Jennifer and her company. Still, the key was leveraging our expert assessments (which can cover everything from your system performance to your governance strategy). Let us know if you’d like to dive deep into discovery and planning together; we’d love to help you find your next significant improvement!

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Solution Stories: Deep Dive To Uncover Hidden Data Issues Welcome to our latest Solution Stories blog series, where we delve into real-world client stories that offer valuable insights into ...

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