Tableau Pulse: Set Up and Use Case Demo


Tableau Pulse: Set Up and Use Case Demo

If you’re wanting to see someone work in Tableau Pulse, we have you covered: We wanted to share a video we put together when we got our hands on the hotly-awaited Tableau Pulse beta, and the use case we developed to show some of the key strengths Tableau Pulse brings to the table. Feel free to watch the video below, with a description provided just underneath. We hope you enjoy!

In this video, we set up and explored the Tableau Pulse beta. For the use case of this exercise, we used Tableau Pulse to provide us quick updates on sales metrics, comparing them to the previous year and the current month.

The video covered the process of setting up metrics on Tableau Pulse. The trainer you heard in the voice over demonstrated how to create a new metric, using the example of tracking sales from the global Superstore dataset. They showed how to define the measure, select the field to analyze and set it as cumulative.

The video also highlighted the use of filters in Tableau Pulse. The trainer showcased the definition filter and optional metric filter, allowing users to specify the data they want to view. They demonstrated setting the measure to be specific to Europe and comparing month-to-date to the previous month. Additionally, the trainer showed how users can select the segment they want to analyze.

Key takeaways from this session include understanding that Tableau Pulse is a powerful feature for monitoring metrics, allowing users to set up and follow specific metrics.

If you’d like to work with InterWorks on your Tableau Pulse, feel free to reach out!

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