Alteryx Batch Macros – Email Customized Reports to a List of Users


Alteryx Batch Macros – Email Customized Reports to a List of Users

Have you ever had the pleasure of emailing customized sales reports to 25 regional managers? How about 100 customers? It probably took a nice chunk of your day clicking the same buttons in Outlook and verifying you’ve attached Joe’s sales report to Joe’s email address. Ever wish for an easy button?

With Alteryx batch macros, this mundane task is now automated!

Step 1 – Obtain Email Addresses

To begin, specify a list of email addresses you’d like to message. For customization, I’ve added first name and last name, as well:

Specify email addresses in Alteryx

Step 2 – Feed The Macro

The batch macro at the end of this workflow will process each email address and send a tailored message to each recipient with a detailed report by location attached to the message. In this example, I’ve previously generated a sales report by email and location. This file is then split into multiple files for each recipient. Sales across locations are aggregated and included in the body of our message.

Alteryx batch macro

Step 3 – Configure The Macro

Modify settings for the email tool as shown in Step 2, save and execute the email workflow. That’s it. Easy right?

Hit the download link below, and let me know if you have any questions.

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