Reunited & Reenergized: The InterWorks Enablement Team Meetup


Reunited & Reenergized: The InterWorks Enablement Team Meetup

by Andrea Avey

The InterWorks Enablement Team recently had their first in-person team meetup since 2019. With new individuals having joined the team in the last 18 months, this meetup was special not only for its in-person relief but also for its bringing together the team in its new form for the the first time! The Enablement Team is unique in their work; scattered all across the U.S., team members don’t often have downtime to catch up with each other as they are on calls all day, supporting and helping clients with their technical challenges. The remote nature of the team, plus its busy rhythms, made the team meetup a much-needed refresher.

A Team Meetup Long Overdue

In planning the meetup, Maxwell Croft considered the time and distance that had separated the team for so long and consciously left open space for everyone to fill with fun and relaxation (a common theme). Here’s what he had to say.

Q: What were the goals you wanted the meetup to accomplish?

I really wanted to create space for people to just relax and enjoy each other. We’re used to enjoying our work separately from one another, and I wanted us to have a fun, easy day where we could turn off all of our work and just hang out. Everyone’s been dealing with Zoom fatigue lately, and this is especially true for our team. We are basically on Zoom for eight hours a day … the last thing we want to do is have one more virtual call. In-person meetups allow us to see each others, see facial expressions and disconnect from technology. Originally, I had hoped we could be outside and hike some trails, but we had to pivot last minute to indoors. It was so nice to just be together in person!

Above: The Enablement Team 

Below, members of the Enablement Team share favorite moments from the meetup and reflect on the irreplaceable value of quality time with each other.

Q: Why is getting together in person important? How does it affect the Enablement Team culture?

Michelle Gaudette, Enablement Consultant: There is a connection that happens in person that doesn’t happen in virtual meetups. An exchange of energy is the only way I can describe it. Sitting on the kitchen counters at 11pm chatting about “whatever” is just so real and visceral.

Dustin Wyers, Assist Lead: It’s important to get together because it ignites you to be better when everyone is around you in person. Virtual is great, but there’s just something about being together that gets ideation further in a much more expedited fashion.

Carly Capitula, Global Enablement Practice Lead: Our team is scattered across the U.S. – we truly cover coast to coast. Most of the work we do is independent, delivering the highest quality engagements to our clients. Having the chance to come together in person is important because we get to be with the people who know exactly what it’s like to do the work we do. Spending a day where work is put aside gives us the chance to build and grow our friendships with each other. We’re a pretty outgoing bunch. A day with the Enablement Team is guaranteed to be filled with fun, laughter, stories and a bit of competition.

Above: Lindsey, Maxwell and Carly during the intense shuffleboard competitions

Q: What were some favorite or memorable moments from the day? 

Brandon Nelson, Enablement Consultant: Exploring the Tulsa office was great! Getting to meet Tulsa InterWorkers in person and being back in an office was a great way to feel connected to the organization. It was also a great way to recognize the scope of the work we do. Sharing an Airbnb with the Enablement Team was an awesome experience! We had the opportunity to catch up in person about life and get to know one another outside of work. Our Friday team outing was fantastic from beginning to end. At Main Event, we went bowling and played a few highly competitive games of shuffleboard.

MG: I loved hanging with my team. We enjoy being with each other, talking and sharing stories, and during the fun activities, we celebrate each other’s victories. Every strike during bowling was a celebration, and every point during shuffleboard was a woohoo. That’s how we do.

Having the chance to come together in person is important because we get to be with the people who know exactly what it’s like to do the work we do. Spending a day where work is put aside gives us the chance to build and grow our friendships with each other.

Fun Memories to Fuel a Strong Finish to 2021

Q: What do you love about the Enablement Team, and how did the meetup make space for that?

Lindsey Ison, Enablement Consultant: I love how supportive and fun everyone is. I hadn’t really gotten to know most of the team yet, and now I feel super comfortable asking all kinds of questions and like I can go to anybody on the team if I need anything.

BN: Our Enablement Team features talented, selfless and unique individuals that know how to have fun. This trip was energizing as it allowed us to feed off of one another’s enthusiasm.

MG: We are a diverse group with different strengths, and that makes us a strong team. I know that for those areas in which I’m still growing, I can reach out to my team and they are there to provide guidance and support.

CC: I don’t think you will find a friendlier group of people than the Enablement Team. Our passion for helping people shines in everything we do – delivering trainings and workshops for clients, working side by side with clients to get to the answers they need via Assist – and you see that passion come out when we’re all together. We also love to TALK! Our meetup provided opportunities for the whole group to be together, as well as space for people to connect with colleagues they may be meeting for the first time ever. Hanging out with the team truly is hanging out with a bunch of good friends you haven’t seen in a while. We all seem to pick up right where we left off.

Above: Carly, Maxwell, Brandon and Michelle share some laughs over coffee.

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