InterWorks Receives Three 2021 Tableau Partner of the Year Awards


InterWorks Receives Three 2021 Tableau Partner of the Year Awards

Every year with Tableau is a good one for us here at InterWorks. We love partnering with them to serve clients and reimagine what the best analytics experiences and solutions can look like. This year, though, we’re especially grateful for this longstanding partnership and are honored to have earned three Partner of the Year awards for 2021:

  • 2021 Global Reseller of the Year
  • Reseller of the Year – Americas
  • Services Partner of the Year – EMEA

These awards are significant for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that they affirm the value we’re able to help customers realize with Tableau all across the world. We’re grateful for the opportunity to maximize the power of Tableau on a global scale and look forward to even more impact and innovation in the future.

The Reseller & Services Partner of the Year Awards

These two region-based awards are meaningful to us because they celebrate the partners that Tableau recognizes as contributing in big ways to the expansion and enhancement of Tableau. The Services Partner of the Year award in EMEA is given to the partner who has done outstanding work in the areas of influence, year-over-year growth and a steady increase in Tableau Solution certifications.

“It’s fantastic to be recognized again by Tableau as one of their top partners. For a small company like InterWorks to receive these types of awards is truly an honor. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Tableau and finding more ways to work together in our regions of America, Europe and Asia.”
Kevin Pemberton, Regional Director, EMEA, InterWorks

The Reseller of the Year award focuses on significant growth, attracting new customers and maintaining strong renewal rates with current customers. It’s a delight for us to evangelize on behalf of Tableau, attaining the dual goals of supporting an incredible partner and empowering customers with the best analytics solutions in the industry.

The 2021 Global Reseller of the Year Award

This award is a special one and sets us apart as a distinguished partner at the global level. We’re proud to be a critical part of Tableau’s strategic customer relationships by continuing to position customers for their greatest success. We love deepening our knowledge of Tableau so that we can better support customers and help fill in the gaps wherever needed.

“We’re absolutely honored to have been recognized by Tableau as their Global Reseller of the Year. We deeply appreciate the partnership and are eager to discover more ways to work together to help our customers achieve their analytics goals.”
Aaron Confer, Global Director of Business Development, InterWorks

A Proven Tableau Partner Since the Beginning

Awards like these are always an honor we take very seriously, but doing the great work that’s earned us these accolades is made easy by top-tier partners like Tableau and their best-of-class solutions. In fact, we’ve been one of Tableau’s biggest champions from the start.

We’ve been named a Tableau Partner of the Year each year since 2013 and have been recognized for our efforts in every region and nearly every area of the business, including reselling, training, customer success and developing innovative solutions like Curator by InterWorks. We’ve received 21 awards in total, and we’re incredibly proud of them, but prioritizing strong relationships with partners and clients is our primary aim. It’s icing on the cake for these recognitions to follow.

Ready to Blaze New Trails with Tableau?

Are you looking for a strategic advisor who is ready to help you chart the right course for your business? The InterWorks team is here to help, no matter where you are in the world or in your data journey. With expertise across industries and a seasoned, full-stack approach, we can help you make the best plan to hit your targets. Reach out to our team with your vision and goals, and we’ll get started right away to help you unlock your next level of analytics potential

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