A Day in the WFH Life: Marketing Communications Manager


A Day in the WFH Life: Marketing Communications Manager

This photo series takes you inside the homes and lives of InterWorkers as we navigate the world and workspace remotely.

The days are long, and time has seemed to lose all its meaning. What day is it? What is time, really? Am I hungry or just bored? These are the questions many of us have found ourselves asking this year. We see virtual backgrounds on our Zoom calls, usually blank walls and bookshelves, sometimes a rare pet or family member sighting. But what about the rest of the day? Away from our computers, who are we, where are we … when are we? This new blog series offers a glimpse at these, and many other, significant and haunting questions.

A Day in the Life of an InterWorker

My day starts by getting my son ready for school, then seeing him and my wife off for the day.

Next up is usually some morning yoga in the den, but I may or may not skip sometimes to watch an hour of Netflix.

My work setup consists of coffee, Spotify, Slack and countless Word docs.

When it’s time for a change of scenery, my go-to is playing this mini Yamaha in the sunroom.

Much of my time is spent with my trusty notebook in tow, perhaps jotting down some notes or sketching some email layouts.

Once the workday is done, we go on our routine evening walk around the neighborhood.

Harrison takes fly duty seriously while dinner is prepared.

Finally, I check on our latest batch of homebrew in our murder basement before bed.
It’s an oatmeal stout!

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