The Tableau Server tabcmd Download Archive


The Tableau Server tabcmd Download Archive

Tableau Server installs with a handy command-line utility for scripting common site administration tasks called tabcmdTo get the installer for this utility, the Tableau Server admin guide points you to the extras folder in your Tableau Server installation directory, e.g. C:Program FilesTableauTableau Server9.3extrasTabcmdInstaller.exe.

While Tableau hosts these installer files on its website, there is no awesome list like there is for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server versions (ESDALT). This blog post is meant to be a link repository for these tabcmd installers.

Tableau suggests you use the same version as the server you are working with – they’re not designed to be backward or forward compatible. The most recent version of tabcmd (reflecting the current version of Tableau Online) is available for direct download from Tableau here.

NOTE: All files are .exe format and need to be run on a Windows operating system.


Tabcmd-10-2 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-10-2 (64-bit)  


Tabcmd-10-1 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-10-1 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-10-0 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-10-0 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-9-3 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-9-3 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-9-2 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-9-2 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-9-1 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-9-1 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-9-0 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-9-0 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-8-3 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-8-3 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-8-2 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-8-2 (64-bit)


Tabcmd-8-1 (32-bit)
Tabcmd-8-1 (64-bit)





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