Why We Like ESET for Security in 2018


Why We Like ESET for Security in 2018

It is easy to work with a company that listens. It is also easy, as a value added reseller, to recommend that company to our clients when we know the product works. At InterWorks, we do not force our clients into a single solution because we understand that a single solution does not fit all, but ESET is a product that really does fit all.

After 30 years, ESET has become a leader in antivirus for both home and business environments, but they do so much more. ESET is not as much of a household name as the likes of Symantec or McAfee, but functionally, it far surpasses the competition. A great example is with something like machine learning.

Machine Learning in ESET Live Grid

Machine learning is a buzzword in the antivirus world much like “heuristics” was in years past. Machine learning is simply the ability of an antivirus application to learn from experience rather than being specifically programmed to perform a certain duty. This means the application can defend a machine from something that has not happened rather than reacting to an executed threat. It learns from collected samples, both clean and malicious, and “trains” itself to identify potential threats before they occur.

The thing is, this is nothing new. Machine learning has been around since the 1950s. ESET has been using it for many years. They call it “automated detection.” With the ESET Live Grid – a collection of threats from all around the world – they have been able to claim one of the lowest number of false positives and the highest detection rate among antivirus leaders.

More info from ESET on machine learning.

More info on enabling Live Grid.

Why We Choose ESET

So, why do we chose ESET at InterWorks? Really, it is simple. The product just works. Clients don’t complain about their computer bogging down because a scan is running. I don’t recall the last time a client was hit with a crippling attack, like a ransomware outbreak. ESET works on ANY platform, and I mean ANY. Have a 2003 Windows Server still hanging on for dear life in your environment? Microsoft may have abandoned you, but ESET has not. Have a mix of Mac, Windows, Linux and Android in your environment? ESET has a product to protect them all. It just works. And if for some reason it is not working like you hoped, the support is some of the best in the industry.

ESET Version 7 Coming Soon

ESET is releasing their much anticipated Version 7 this year. This will include a cloud-based remote management server for small business as well as a re-imagined management environment for enterprise to act as a single pane of glass for the various ESET solutions. I will blog more about this when it is available.

Visit the ESET home page for details on all the ESET offerings and updates when new versions are released. You can also contact InterWorks for a discussion on how ESET can help out in your environment.

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