Webcast Friday: Intro to Cloud Services – Office 365


Webcast Friday: Intro to Cloud Services – Office 365

by Noor Abdeljawad

Webcast Fridays are 20-30 minute presentations every other Friday that show off some of the more interesting work we do hoping you will find it informative and inspiring.

On today’s Webcast Friday, I got to talk in part on the capabilities of the Cloud, but mostly wanted to showcase the versatility of Office 365. InterWorks is a proud partner of Microsoft, and we enjoy and utilize Office 365 on a regular basis. So, if you missed my live demonstration of what you can do with the suite of applications, read through the recap below and get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like more information about how we can help you and your business get setup in the Cloud.

What is InterWorks’ Role in This?

I’ve been an Information Technology Consultant with InterWorks for several years now, so I can speak confidently to our IT solutions’ efficiency. We focus on three main aspects regarding IT infrastructure that go above and beyond our client’s satisfaction. 

  • Continuity – Business is a bustle of ongoing operations. With the right tools and preparation, you can maintain uptime and mitigate issues that come your way.
  • Networking – The structure of quality of your network is the biggest differentiator.
  • Transformation – You need solutions that keep you ahead of change solutions that are scalable, intelligent and flexible.

What is the Cloud?

Five years ago, the Cloud wasn’t on anyone’s radar. This goes to show how fast technology can change. The one thing that remains constant is change, ironically, and that’s where we come in. InterWorks wants to be there to guide you along the way through these transitions.

Some of our many partners that help us provide high quality solutions:

  • Veeam
  • Sophos
  • VMware
  • Microsoft

In reality, the Cloud refers to servers, storage and switching placed in racks in a data center. However, it can be anything you want it to be. If you are operating on a portable device and have access to a system or data that isn’t local to you, you’re likely utilizing the Cloud in some form. Below is just a short list of the many advantages of working on the Cloud.

  • Always connected anywhere
  • Continuous value
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Always available

What is Office 365?

The old way of helping client IT infrastructure meant increased costs, an on premise exchange server, multiple types of software and licensing per machine. Now with Office 365, everything is online. You get instant messaging, convenient mobility features, real time collaboration and vendor delivered service. Three Microsoft Office 365 plans we focused on are below:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials – Business-class email hosting with 50GB mailbox. 1TB OneDrive and a few other features.
  • Office 365 Business – Desktop versions of Word, Excel, etc.
  • Office 365 Business Premium – Best of both, you get Business-class email and the latest desktop programs which include improved features and functionality.

How Do You Get to the Cloud?

With InterWorks’ help of course! Even if you already have a lot invested in your current data environment, we can easily help you get set up in the Cloud. There are three main ways we can help with this:

  • Cutover Migration – Setting up a new environment and switching you over to the new system all at once.No drawbacks, only positive outcomes from this process. Best for small user environments.
  • Staged Migration – Migration done in batches of people instead of all at once.
  • Hybrid Migration – Online instances running with each other with a smooth transition over time.

This can be an overwhelming process and each of these steps have specific caveats, but with InterWorks’ help, you don’t necessarily have to understand which migration process you need. InterWorks does all that work for you! You can watch the Webcast above and see a demonstration of how to access Office 365 and all your files via the Cloud.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or are interested in implementing Office 365 for your business!  


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