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We’ve covered symbol maps and filled maps in our review of all of the different types of chart types in earlier articles. Today, we’re going to look at some of the formatting options you can apply to your maps beyond formatting the marks and fills. Let’s start with a...

Tableau tooltips are a fantastic way to add additional context or information to your view without taking up any precious real estate on the worksheet (super important when the worksheet is on a dashboard). As we’ll discuss in this post, you can populate the tooltip...

In this edition of Tableau Essentials, we’ll examine the Color button on the Marks card. Color options are a powerful way to add distinction to your visualization as well as depth to your data’s story. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you...

Today, we’re going to cover labels and some of the tricks and tips you can use with your visualization. To start, let’s take a simple horizontal bar chart. Our bar chart shows the penetration of Internet usage of countries with 200 million people or more. Now,...

Today, we’ll look at some formatting ideas that you can use on your next visualization. Specifically, we’ll look at using custom shapes to serve as our marks. Here is a simple table illustrating where players from the 2014 World Cup play their club football: Club Location field...

By default, Tableau won't label a bar. The axis is enough for viewers. However, a lot of our users say to us, "We like the bar, but we want to see the numbers as well". Rather than reproduce a bar chart as a table, labelling...

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