Shoretel Custom Ringtones


Shoretel Custom Ringtones


Starting with the release of version 7, Shoretel has given the ability to load customized ringtones on their IP phones to the end user.  While this is a great feature, Shoretel does not provide much documentation (other than to say it’s possible), nor do they offer any kind of support for this process.  After scouring several different internet sources and multiple days of frustration, I was finally able to get this working on my IP530.  Below are the steps needed to make this work:

Audio File
The type and size of audio file used is very speicific.  The file must be a 16kHz, 8-bit, mono, wav file that is no larger than 750kb in size.  If you want to check the properties or convert an existing sound file to this format, I recommend download Audacity, a freeware application that can help you manipulate these settings.

Custom Phone Script
Next you will need to create a custom phone script.  Open notepad and add the following lines to the text file:
          WaveRinger1 L/rg
          WaveRinger2 L/r1
         *you will replace with the IP of your Shoretel server and the .wav files will be the name of your specific sound files.
Save the file with the the following name, shore_000123456789000.txt (replace the 000123456789000 with the MAC address of your phone).

Copy Files to the Server
You are now ready to copy the files to your Shoretel server.  The configuration file (shore_000123456789000.txt) needs to be placed in the InetPub directory and the wav files will be placed in InetPubRingers.

Reboot/Configure Phone
Once the files have been placed in the appropriate directory, you can now reboot your phone.  The normal boot up process will take place, but after you see the Country and Language text files download to the phone, you should see the .wav file you created start to download.  When the phone is done downloading and fully booted, you can go to Options–>Change Ring–>Select Standard.  To test you can select the Ring softkey to hear your sound file.

Additional Notes: In the configuration file, WaveRinger1 specifies the external ringtone and WaveRinger2 specifies the internal ringtone.  Also in this example I used Standard, but if you want to replace one of the other rings (Ring 2, Ring 3, or Ring 4) you need to modify the lines in the configuration file using this table.
         Standard (External) – L/rg
         Standard (Internal) – L/r1
         Ring 2 (External) – L/r10
         Ring 2 (Internal) – Lr/11
         Ring 3 (External) – L/r12
         Ring 3 (Internal) – L/r13
         Ring 4 (External) – L/r14
         Ring 4 (Internal) – L/r15

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