Out of Office: My Jewelry-Making Hobby


Out of Office: My Jewelry-Making Hobby

by Chelsie Wilson

As the spring of 2020 progresses, our reliance on technology has grown even heavier than it was before. In this post, Chelsie shares the way that stepping away from the screen and revisiting the simple pursuit of making something by hand has helped her in this strange season.

Staying Sharp (and Sane) with Something New

What is one hobby you really enjoy?

Outside of quarantine, I like my extroverted hobbies such as group gym classes, attending sporting events or going to a concert with some friends. Knowing that we needed to practice safer-at-home and shelter-in-place soon and understanding that these activities would not be happening in the near future, I wanted to find a hobby I could do so I wouldn’t drive myself insane. I can’t just sit still and be in one place for too long, so I turned to Pinterest, got a few ideas and headed to the craft store or grocery store. I started collecting ideas of what to cook, bake and make! Thus, welcome to amateur bread making and jewelry making.

Above: My earring-making kit and some finished products!

What do you find so fulfilling or rewarding about this hobby?

Out of all the hobbies and Pinterest items I have attempted during quarantine, clay earring making has been my most favorite yet. I can use my hands to create something from scratch. I wasn’t expecting much of it and just thought, “Eh, this will be one Saturday activity to help pass the time.” However, I have probably played with the clay for many hours and many days. I just like seeing an idea come to life or trying to fix an issue if it doesn’t work correctly the first time. I can rethink the process and just attempt it again.

Practice and Progress, Not Perfection

How is this hobby helping you during this time of quarantine and social distancing?

It is giving me a way to exert some energy. I am trying to stay on schedule of getting up, working and working out, but I still have so much time on my hands. I have enjoyed getting lost in the creations and finding a way to pass the time in a new, unique way.

How does this hobby help you in your day-to-day role at InterWorks?

I think this is a great stress reliever for me! So after a busy day, it is nice to turn my brain off and just design something fun!

Why is it important to have hobbies/personal projects?

It gives you something to do outside of your work routine! I can also challenge myself to do better each time! Progress, not perfection, is the route I’m going with this! Plus, if it wasn’t for finding a hobby, I think I would have already completed watching everything on Netflix…

What has this taught you about yourself? What can hobbies in general teach us about ourselves?

I’ve learned that if you study, research and have patience, you can learn a new skill. I had no idea that I would be able to do something like this from clay (let alone make a functional earring). I think this is a hobby that I will keep around even once the quarantine period is over.

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Out of Office: My Jewelry-Making Hobby As the spring of 2020 progresses, our reliance on technology has grown even heavier than it was before. In this post, Chelsie shares ...

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