The Practice of Bringing Data to Life

The success of your organization largely comes down to decisions. You can go with your gut and leave your fate to luck, or you can greatly improve the odds by rooting your decisions in data. Equal parts art and science, analytics is the practice of bringing that data to life. With the full picture in view, you can better understand where you’ve been and chart a more certain path for the future.

Visual Analytics

More than 65% of the population are visual learners. That means all those years of classroom lectures weren’t always the best way to retain information. The data revolution changed all of that. With visual analytics, our minds are able to understand and communicate data faster and with better retention. No other visual analytics platform does this better than Tableau Software. Add InterWorks’ consulting and training expertise to the mix, and we can help you communicate your data in a way anyone can understand.

Visual Design Best Practices

Tableau makes data visualization affordable and extensible, but even simple projects need to address visual design. Whether ensuring you’re using space effectively or knowing which chart is right for the job, visual design best practices are critical to understanding data. At the enterprise level, a consistent design and layout philosophy is even more crucial. Leveraging our internal design center of excellence entitled “The Viz Lab,” our consultants can help you propagate best practices across your organization.

Data Science

Visual analytics will tell you a great deal about your data, but a wealth of insight remains hidden. Data science uncovers patterns and relationships that offer more detailed answers to your questions, even the ones you never knew to ask. Though data science can sound complex, tools like Dataiku democratize the creation and application of data science models, giving you the power of deep analysis without overcomplexity.

Go Deeper with Data Science

Tableau Consulting

Since 2007, InterWorks has been a firm supporter of Tableau. We were the first ever Tableau Gold Partner, a title we’re still proud of. What exactly does Tableau do? Simply put, it puts analytics in the hands of the user. With help from our expert Tableau consultants, you can visualize data in beautiful, user-friendly dashboards. Gone are the days of cluttered spreadsheets.

Go Further with Tableau

Tableau Licensing

Want to get your hands on Tableau and try it for yourself? The first step in your journey is heading to the Tableau site to download a free trial. When you’re ready to acquire Tableau for your organization, we can help you find the ideal licensing option to suit your needs. Flexible licensing options ensure that you’re able to make the most of your investment.

Get Equipped

Power Tools for Tableau

Utilizing our years of Tableau and custom development experience, we’ve built a family of helpful apps that are a Tableau power user’s best friend. We call them Power Tools for Tableau, and they greatly enhance your ability to to do more with Tableau at scale. Modify workbooks globally, complete deployments in minutes or get an extensive look into Tableau Server performance. These tools streamline your workflow, saving precious time and resources.

Power Up Your Tableau Environments

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