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Data Management

Maintain accurate insights with comprehensive assessments (Gov360), strategy development, policy creation, data lineage, privacy, security, BI tool integration and expert training.
Futureproof your data stack with readiness assessments, strategic advisory, architecture planning, migration services, DevOps, security, compliance, cost optimization and managed cloud services (KeepWatch).
Build a reliable data infrastructure through assessments, roadmap creation, platform selection, analytics integration, migration services, performance tuning, ingestion pipelines, schema management, user training and support.
Organize your data operations with pipeline development, workflow automation, performance tuning, metadata management, data quality assurance, advanced analytics integration, data engineer training and support.
Create a roadmap for indexing, database design, storage architecture, proactive maintenance, architecture review, performance audits, performance tuning and infrastructure management.
Streamline and tackle your data quality, governance strategy, tool selection and setup, classification, semantic modeling, standardization, and innovation advisory.
Infrastructure services including strategy development, vendor assessment, risk management, architecture design, deployment, and support for monitoring and management

Modern Analytics

Drive your analytics forward with strategic data modeling services. These encompass quality data architecture frameworks as well as advanced AI support for optimized performance and predictive insights.
Visually transform complex data through dashboard dev and report design, user experience (UX)/visual design, development best practices, data source integration, expert-led training, data viz strategy, data governance and dashboard performance advisory.
Drive AI-powered insights with services spanning strategy development, data discovery, machine learning (ML) model creation, natural language processing (NLP), data preparation and training.
Enhance the usability, engagement and effectiveness of data visualizations through UX services. These focus on user research, information design, brand alignment, visual data design standards, feedback, iterative design sessions and training.
Tailor insights through a custom-built analytics portal (Curator). Here you can combine multiple BI platforms into a single web-based hub. Centralize, design, deploy and govern your analytics your way.
Design and deploy interactive analytics reports and dashboards within your business applications, customize your data visualizations, implement security controls and create analytics integration strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Assess your organization’s preparedness to leverage AI technologies effectively (AI Readiness Assessment). Identify strengths, gaps and opportunities in your data infrastructure and strategy.
Identify and craft scenarios where AI-driven analytics and data can deliver actionable insights and operational efficiencies to drive business goals forward.
Create and optimize machine learning (ML) algorithms tailored to extract meaningful insights from datasets, enhancing decision-making capabilities.
Design conversational flows by training natural language understanding models, integrating with backend systems and continuously optimizing performance based on user interactions.
Connect and synchronize heterogeneous AI models and systems to optimize collaboration and performance across the network.
Optimize data pipelines and infrastructure to maximize the efficiency and performance of AI and analytics processes.

Training & Enablement

Focus on empowering your users with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize business intelligence tools for data analysis and building visualizations. We cover Tableau, Power BI and more.
Provide comprehensive training to enhance data analysis skills across various business intelligence platforms, ensuring proficiency regardless of the tool used.
Tailor strategies and insights to optimize learning journeys and outcomes based on individual user needs and experiences. Upskill technical power users and casual business users alike.
Provide personalized guidance and support to enhance individual learning experiences and skill development across data and analytics tools.
Build strategies that leverage insights to facilitate smooth transitions, optimize user acceptance and maximize the impact of organizational changes of analytics practices.
Design and deliver tailored educational content to meet specific learning objectives and organizational needs effectively through data.

Platforms & Technologies

Ensure seamless implementation and efficient operation of data solutions, optimizing platform performance and enhancing user experiences.
Prioritize implementing robust measures to safeguard data integrity, confidentiality and accessibility across all systems and operations.
Conduct thorough assessments to optimize infrastructure utilization and control BI expenses effectively (BI Cost Optimization Blueprint).
Provide comprehensive evaluations and strategic recommendations to enhance organizational data governance frameworks (Gov360).
Analyze and optimize system efficiencies to ensure peak data platform performance and reliability (P360).
Streamline the transition of IT infrastructure and applications to cloud environments, ensuring scalability, security and cost-efficiency. We cover multiple platforms, but we’re especially skilled at Tableau Cloud Migration.
Optimize data processing and analytics at the edge, enhancing real-time decision-making and reducing latency.

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