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Keeping your organization safe from cybersecurity threats feels a lot like trying to plug the holes in a dam. Threats abound from email, endpoints, networks and even, unwittingly, your own people. Shortchanging cybersecurity will lead to disaster, but there are many solutions that can give you comprehensive protection without absurd complexity or cost. The InterWorks team can help you navigate them, from implementation to management.

Email Security

The volume of external traffic that takes place on your mail servers is staggering, and with that external traffic comes a dizzying number of malicious threats, phishing attempts and more. Out of the box, Microsoft 365 comes with an arsenal to keep you safe, and additional solutions like Darktrace, Proofpoint or Mimecast can provide even stronger layers of much-needed protection.

Endpoint Security & XDR

Laptops, desktops, servers and other endpoints are susceptible to security threats each time you turn them on and connect to a network. Both EDR and advanced XDR endpoint security layers from ESET and Sophos can help you detect threats, respond to incidents and map a full picture of security across all devices. EDR-solutions are a necessity as they answer the critical questions of what happened and how.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA might feel like an inconvenience, but adding this extra step is beneficial for individuals and organizations alike. MFA is also a requirement for virtually every cybersecurity insurance policy. So, how do you implement and maintain MFA at scale? We trust Microsoft Azure, Okta and Duo to help you achieve a reliable MFA framework and are ready to discuss which solution best fits your needs.

Network Security

With numerous users and guests accessing your different networks, it’s crucial to keep both them and your organization insulated from threats. Whether intentional or accidental, network breaches can be disruptive at best and destructive at worst. Robust network security solutions from our partners at Sophos, Palo Alto, Darktrace and VMware (NSX) help you balance security and accessibility.

Need help with security?

Security Partners

By working with the best security partners in the industry, our IT Services group is knowledgeable on all aspects of modern and legacy technology.

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