30 Seconds from SAS to TDE with Alteryx 9.0


30 Seconds from SAS to TDE with Alteryx 9.0

by Michael Treadwell

Alteryx 9.0 was released back in April of this year and with it came a whole host of new features and tools. It’s party time in the datasource. There is a range of improvements from top to bottom, including the integration of Revolution Analytics Revo Scale R or the heat plot color map. It was the unglamorous data connectors though that were the belle of the ball for us at InterWorks.

We are, of course, talking about the ability for Alteryx 9.0 to work seamlessly with SAS data files (sas7bdat) as well as IMB/SPSS data files (sav).

It takes 30 seconds to convert these legacy files into a TDE file – literally, 30 seconds.

The Black Gate is Open

SAS companies, trapped behind a myriad of legacy products and proprietary data files, were denied the full power of the data analytics revolution, spring-boarded with amazing tools like Tableau. Sorry, no compatibility, please move on. Your only option was to export intermediary files that had to be polished before inclusion in Tableau.

The latest release of Alteryx has fixed all of that. Not only can SAS databases leverage Alteryx’s data blending and Tableau’s peerless data visualizations, it can assist in completely migrating that SAS datasource into a more agile and useful format such as R.

SAS to R

For the time being, though, Alteryx has set up the SAS data connector to allow information to travel into Alteryx and back into SAS. The writing on the wall is very clear – the days of cumbersome, proprietary data are numbered.

Cut the SAS

With the opportunity to move massive amounts of data out of the confining labyrinth of SAS products into contemporary, modern tools, companies are seeing immediate benefits. Today’s BI tools are designed for end users, not for statistics professors. The cost efficiency is overwhelming. For years, SAS was the only game in town. They treated their data consumers like the Monopoly Guy, evilly twirling his monocle.

Not anymore.

Alteryx may not have the headlines and glamour of Tableau’s stunning visualization capabilities, but it’s the reliable workhorse that pulls the plow. Preparing, enhancing and blending data in Alteryx makes the power of Tableau increase exponentially.

Alteryx and Tableau

We Can Help

InterWorks is a leading company in business intelligence and data analytics. We are on the forefront of this game changing technology, and we can help modernize and improve your data. 

Save money, save time and save the hassle. We can’t say it enough – 30 seconds!

Let us know what we can do for you, today.

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