InterWorks Assist: Ad Hoc Help Since 2016

InterWorks Assist: Ad Hoc Help Since 2016

If you are an InterWorks client, then you hopefully already know about InterWorks Assist. If you’re not familiar with Assist, allow me to show you how much this ad hoc service has grown during its first year.

Who Should Use InterWorks Assist?

Initially launched at the end of last year, Assist provides assistance to current clients who require small or large personal attention to their requests. It means having access to solution architects, data engineers, analytics consultants, Tableau Desktop and Server trainers, as well as Server engineers. It’s a new way for clients to get in touch with our consultants directly. Sessions can last as little as 15 minutes or much longer. A few traits our Assist clients had in common this year include:

  • Many recently completed a Tableau engagement project and see a need for assistance moving forward.
  • Some introduced Tableau to new areas within their organization.
  • They wanted an InterWorks stamp of approval on their best practices before publishing something new.
  • Several recently completed Tableau training and needed extra time for questions as they continued developing their skills.

IT and BI Join Forces with ServerCare

Like most people, we are looking back at our progress during 2017. An exciting new venture this year is ServerCare’s inclusion in Assist. This is a combined offering of our IT and BI practices. Much like the offering sounds, we care about how well your server is running.

We set up monitoring to know what is going on in your environment to keep your server running as best as possible. From patches and upgrades to exploring workbook performance and poor performing queries, ServerCare has you covered. 

InterWorks Assist Support

Above: InterWorks Assist Practice Lead Dustin Wyers.

With InterWorks Assist, you can rest assured that you have the entire weight of InterWorks ready to meet your needs, whether IT or BI related. From Windows patching to adding additional users and content, we do it all. 

Assist’s growth over this past year is far and above what we could have expected as well. In 2017, we saw a 280% increase of hours flowing through Assist compared to 2016’s numbers. And we’re only scratching the surface of what this offering can become. If you are a client with a question and you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with Assist and we can provide support right away!