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We have all seen this problem in data transformation: names automatically becoming CAPITALISED NAMES or all lowercase names. If we have a list of cities consisting of only one word, it is quite straightforward to capitalise the first one using the following code: UPPER(left([Data],1)) + LOWER(right([data],LEN([data])-1)) However,...

A common irritation with tooltip formatting in Tableau is that there is no way of changing the background colour of the tooltip. So, if you have changed the background colour of your sheet to something other than white, the tooltip will be jarring against it: Using...

Recently, I needed to add a text box with an embedded URL to a client’s dashboard that read “Click to See Report.” The client, who still uses Tableau Desktop 10.5, wanted users to access an external report related to the dashboard content. However, there was...

If you have ever been in one of my Tableau training courses, you have probably heard me refer to Tableau’s format pane as “the Bermuda Triangle of Tableau” because it can be easy to get lost. What is great about the format pane is that...

Following the previous blog post, today we will be covering several ways to display negative values in tables. My go-to option is to add colour to the visualisation to highlight the values that need attention; however, there are different ways we can use colour. As in any other...

In the world of data visualisation, there is a love-hate relationship with tables, also known as crosstabs. The truth is, as with any other type of data visualisation, tables have a space in the analytical world and are customarily used or even required by some industries,...

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