DataGravity Discovery Series Solution Short: Data Protection


DataGravity Discovery Series Solution Short: Data Protection

by Brad Thomas

This is the fourth post in yet another blog series covering DataGravity’s Discovery Series. We’re calling this group our “Discovery Series Solution Shorts,” and these posts give you a broad overview of key features found in the Discovery Series. This post focuses on how DataGravity enhances your data governance capabilities. You can view all posts within this series on the Discovery Series Solution Shorts blog channel. For all posts on the Discovery Series, check out the Discovery Series blog channel.

Data Protection with the Discovery Series

Data protection is one of the most difficult tasks in the job description of a network administrator. When data is successfully restored, little thanks or appreciation is offered. When data is lost for good, it means a whole other headache of problems.

DataGravity has solved that problem by introducing the very first data-aware storage platform, the Discovery Series.

In today’s virtual server environment, there is unconstrained data growth. In the age of big data, every data point must be collected, cataloged and analyzed. The internet, POS, end user feedback, employee-generated data and files contribute to a logjam of information that spills across every facet of the organization.

Now, a unified, centralized data protection system will manage every bit and byte of data in one of the safest and most secure data storage networks ever created.




DataGravity has introduced their proprietary DiscoveryPoints. They protect data with the quickness and ease of a snapshot along with the fault isolation, change management and granularity of a backup. Everything that enters the DataGravity network is stored and indexed instantly. 

There is no impact on the performance of the network with this level of granular protection as redundant, secondary resources are used to perform the mirroring of production files. Even better, DiscoveryPoints are also space efficient. All of the data in the DiscoveryPoints is compressed, and it stores on the data that has changed since the last point. It’s a physically-sparse network that is contiguous virtually, a seamless backup for the end user.



Self Service

In the event of data loss, the DataGravity user interface allows the end user to use user-defined attributes to search through the Discovery Point back-ups for the missing file. All of the previous versions of the damaged or lost file can be previewed to find the right file for restoration back to the original machine.This works even in a virtual machine environment. All of these capabilities are accessible through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface in just a few clicks of the mouse.



Improve RPO and RTO

DataGravity does wonders for improving RPO and RTO. Within network administration, RPO (recovery point objective) is the maximum period of allowable data loss. Most networks have a backup that runs nightly, which means that the RPO is targeted at 24 hours. RTO or recovery time objective is the time required to restore lost data after a disruption or disaster. These two measurements are the core metrics in determining the safety of a data network.

DataGravity doesn’t just improve RPO and RTO, it redefines what was once thought possible. DataGravity is a unified storage appliance with game-changing architecture that revolutionizes how data is stored, indexed and recovered. Discovery Points provide near-instant recovery of corrupted or lost data, and recovery can be performed at any level of granularity – an entire file share, virtual machine, a file or even individual blocks in a file share.

Using a new innovative platform, DataGravity is increasing your recovery and service capabilities exponentially.

Data-Aware Protection

DataGravity is truly changing the game with their revolutionary data platform. They are the only data-aware network solution on the market today. Since it hit the market in 2014, DataGravity has earned rave reviews from industry reviewers and network administrators alike.

Want to find out more about the Discovery Series? Explore our list of current solution shorts below. Be sure to check back often for new additions.

You can also contact us today to discover how DataGravity can impact your organization specifically. As a DataGravity Elite Partner, we can help with scoping, purchasing, implementation and everything in between.

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DataGravity Discovery Series Solution Short: Data Protection This is the fourth post in yet another blog series covering DataGravity’s Discovery Series. We’re calling this group our ...

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