DataGravity Discovery Series Solution Short: Data Governance


DataGravity Discovery Series Solution Short: Data Governance

This is the third post in yet another blog series covering DataGravity’s Discovery Series. We’re calling this group our “Discovery Series Solution Shorts,” and these posts give you a broad overview of key features found in the Discovery Series. This post focuses on how DataGravity enhances your data governance capabilities. You can view all posts within this series on the Discovery Series Solution Shorts blog channel. For all posts on the Discovery Series, check out the Discovery Series blog channel.

 Data Governance with DataGravity

DataGravity’s game-changing Discovery Series is the first data-aware storage platform to enter the market. Ever since its release last year, it has taken the tech world by storm. Among the massive advantages the Discovery Series offers is improvement on data governance.

Data governance consists of rules and protocols put in place to mitigate risk of data corruption or abuse as well as to ensure that all employees are utilizing best practices for legal and regulatory compliance. Maintaining acceptable thresholds of data governance has been nearly impossible to ensure with the explosion of data and information that must be stored and tracked.

DataGravity solves that problem by empowering system administrators like never before through instant and actionable intelligence on everything on the network. Here are just a few of the data governance benefits the Discovery Series delivers:



Deeper Understanding

Regardless of if you have a few hundred documents or a few billion, DataGravity’s innovative tool gives you an instant index of everything in your storage network with immediate updates every time anything is accessed, moved, deleted, edited and so on.

All of this information, including automated metadata, is immediately compressed and communicated in real-time dashboards and reports for the system administrator. This includes the ability to pinpoint sensitive information, track who is accessing these files and track how this data is being used. The Discover Series gives you a literal 360° view of your data and files.



Actionable Insight

With your reports and dashboards, the Discovery Series assists in detecting potentially sensitive information. It will automatically find data that resembles payment information, such as credit card and customer information. Using adaptive logic and customizable searches, DataGravity will instantly find any file that presents a potential risk for you to bring under the protection of your governance strategy.

Your mountain of data is no longer dark. Your data governance strategy is no longer a hopeful mantra but an actionable, enforceable plan.




One of the most expensive elements of IT infrastructure is the storage bloat. It becomes very difficult in conventional storage networks to determine which files and which data are no longer necessary or relevant. Most companies just have to keep all of it. That creates a never-ending tailspin of network costs and potential risks as sensitive information multiplies across obsolete files and folders.

The Discovery Series identifies files and folders based on their frequency of use. This allows system administrators to see which folders are truly driving analysis and productivity vs. the unused heap of discarded data.

In addition, DataGravity empowers your end users to become better data stewards themselves. With role-based permissions, end users can utilize the same features for their specific domains that the system administrators have to give them the same actionable and efficient intelligence on their own files.

Redefining the Storage Network

With a host of data governance capabilities, the Discovery Series allows you to execute your overall IT plan more effectively than ever before. More importantly, it puts you in complete control of the information stored on your network.

Want to find out more about the Discovery Series? Explore our list of current solution shorts below. Be sure to check back often for new additions.

You can also contact us today to discover how DataGravity can impact your organization specifically. As a DataGravity Elite Partner, we can help with scoping, purchasing, implementation and everything in between.


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