What Is Tableau Pulse and What Can It Do for Me?


What Is Tableau Pulse and What Can It Do for Me?

Modern analytics has transformed the way we interact with data today. We’ve moved beyond spreadsheets to bring clarity and insight in an ever-expanding and complex world of data.

Empower People To Bring Value

Throughout this journey, InterWorks has empowered people at all levels to bring value to their organizations by encouraging access to data they can understand and use. We also encourage a culture that values decision-making based on factual data rather than instinct alone.

Our partnership with Tableau is at the heart of this approach and we’re excited to see the platform move up to a whole new level with the release of Pulse.

Meet People Where They Are

While traditional dashboards have brought huge gains there is still much more that can be won. Many people do not have access to dashboards, or do not find them a practical source of insight for their daily work. For as many as 70% of people in an organization, the data that could help them in real time is simply not where they are – or doesn’t speak their language!


Tableau Pulse aims to address this head-on by bringing insights to the people who need them in a way that fits their daily realities.

An everyday example that comes to my mind is the smart watch. It encourages a healthy lifestyle by delivering relevant metrics right on your wrist. No need to fire up your laptop to see if you’re doing enough steps – you’ll get a nagging reminder as soon as it’s time to get out of your chair!

Tableau Pulse brings insights directly to your inbox in the tools you are using already – email, Slack, Teams, etc.

Use AI To Bring Insights You Can Use and Trust

Pulse is about more than just delivering a number. It uses AI to learn from past performance and signal when something is heading off the expected track.

That’s when things get really interesting! If your numbers are off, you’ll want to know why. You can find this out by asking questions, and Pulse does not expect you to learn a new language to do that. Your questions may be specific (“what caused this change?”) or even more broad (“is there anything I need to know about…?”). The AI behind Pulse interprets your question and delivers answers you can use.

You’ll also get answers you can trust. Pulse builds on the data models you have already proven and leverages existing security models to ensure good governance.

Insights you gain through Pulse may be of value to colleagues, and it’s easy to share them through the same medium that brought them to you – your email or Slack post.


Putting It Into Practice

Since September 2023, Tableau has been running pilots with Pulse. John Lewis Partnership in the UK put Pulse to the test on an existing effort to manage returns. The results proved remarkable. Ongoing efforts had already brought savings of £6 million, and the addition of Pulse allowed them to achieve a further reduction of £4 million.


If you would like to know more, please reach out to us. We can help you assess the potential benefits of Pulse for your organization and have a program in place to guide you through any preparation that may be needed – notably in the data you will use.

KeepWatch by InterWorks

Whether you need support for one platform or many, our technical experts have you covered.

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What Is Tableau Pulse and What Can It Do for Me? Modern analytics has transformed the way we interact with data today. We’ve moved beyond spreadsheets to bring clarity and insight in ...

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