Why a Training With InterWorks?


Why a Training With InterWorks?

Easy! Three reasons: We love what we do. We are the best. We think learning should be fun.

Convinced? Yay!

Okay, okay, I think I should put in a little bit more work here. I mean, these three reasons are the core of everything we do, but there was a lot more thinking and reasoning behind that. So, let me take you on a ride.

My name is Sebastian. I am an Analytics Lead at InterWorks, and co-driving our enablement/training/upskilling pillar, for which we are quite popular and renowned. And since being a trainer is my passion, I’m going to take you on a passionate journey through the “Why?” So, if you ever asked yourself why you should provide your employees or colleagues with trainings in the first place, why the heck you would do that with InterWorks or what you could get out of it, keep reading!

For everyone else: this is just me gushing about what we do.

Feel free to jump around on the hyperlinked list below to whatever blog topic interests you the most, or just click through in chronological order:

  1. What Makes a Good or a Bad Training?
  2. How Do We Actually Learn?
  3. Why Do Trainings at All?
  4. How We Do Our Trainings

More About the Author

Sebastian Deptalla

Analytics Lead
How We Do Our Trainings Step 1: Scoping You talk with us about what you actually need. This is what we call scoping. We check what you are after, ask a lot of ...
Why Do Trainings at All? When I discuss the necessity of trainings with decision makers, there are usually two arguments thrown my way: Costs Quality And I want ...

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