Webinar Replay: Transform Tableau with Machine Learning


Webinar Replay: Transform Tableau with Machine Learning

Visual analytics have emerged as a crucial business activity. Tableau is the best-in-class platform for this and has unlocked the ways businesses can see and understand their data. As a result, organizations are eager to do more and more with the platform. In this quest to do more with data, customers seek foresight and are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage. Advanced analytics enriched with machine learning is an answer to this pursuit.

While the potential outcomes are promising, there can be issues with this process. A skill deficit has traditionally forced organizations to focus on where their machine learning resources are used, which largely results in a focus on ad hoc requests. The cross-functional support required between machine learning and business analytics often limits the ability to leverage machine learning for advanced analytics, creating a gap between data scientists and the business user. And lastly, organizations have historically relied on batched predictions, which produce a gap between the data scientist and consumption by the business user, limiting the predictions’ relevancy.

Bringing Machine Learning to Tableau

A solution exists in the democratization of machine learning directly within Tableau. This allows for real-time predictions in Tableau dashboards, and users are already working within an environment they’re comfortable with. That is where the SageMaker integration comes in. It bridges the gap between the machine learning capabilities of AWS and the robust visual analytics power of Tableau. This webinar walks through the practicalities of the integration and can be understood in three distinct sections:

  1. Hands-on SageMaker Lab – Deploying an AutoML Job
  2. Demo of SageMaker for Tableau with a Tableau Dashboard
  3. Hands-on SageMaker for Tableau Lab

Watch the replay below to follow along as Holt Calder, InterWorks Data Architect, leads viewers step by step through the process from launch to deployment. Be sure to reach out if you have questions, and check out some of these other posts to learn more about the SageMaker integration!

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