Metric Insights & Push Intelligence – 4 Ways to Add Insight to Tableau


Metric Insights & Push Intelligence – 4 Ways to Add Insight to Tableau

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Metric Insights is booming. They are growing year by year at a blistering rate of 300% in customer acquisition with some of the biggest names in business. These names include Barnes & Noble, United and more. 

So, what does Metric Insights offer that Tableau Software does not? Push intelligence is the answer. Metric Insights is designed as a supplemental tool to Tableau, offering another avenue for end users to gain value, insight and action from data analytics.

Here are four ways that Metric Insights and their Push Intelligence Platform can greatly expand the capabilities of Tableau’s dashboards.

1. Adding Action to Actionable

The entire goal of data visualization, and by that extension Tableau Software, is to present complicated data in such a way as to discover actionable business intelligence. Processing a million rows of data is far beyond the human ability. Even a succinct table of that data summarized, averaged or interpreted might still miss the most important message or story. Tableau’s interactive dashboards have gone a long way to solving that.

Tableau Software!

Metric Insights takes it to another level. Their application monitors data and reaches out to the user base if the key performance indicators vary to a significant degree. The significance there is obvious. Rather than the user refreshing their dashboard periodically to look for answers, the answers come to the user when they’re ready.

2. KPI Warehouse

Metric Insights accomplishes this by building a repository of all of the key performance indicators. The application then monitors selected dashboards and data trends. As soon as a key metric falls into an alert area, such as profit margins falling below a predefined threshold, Metric Insights immediately sends out an alert.

Working at the speed of live data, Metric Insights stands as another vigilant pair of eyes on your business and your KPIs.

KPI Warehouse

Upon receiving the alert, the user can follow it back into the Metric Insights application. There, each user has a dashboard of Tableau dashboards. No, really, that’s exactly what it looks like. Each Tableau dashboard that is relevant to that user and their KPIs are presented in a type of thumbnail view, clickable into the Tableau dashboard for quick and easy access. 

3. Analytics to Inbox

Email still remains as the power tool of any business, integrating essential features such as communication, task management, calendar, resource scheduling and more. That is why Metric Insights relies on email bursting to deliver triggered notifications to their users.

Data-driven alerting

Make no mistake either. These triggers can be personalized to the end user so that they get updates that are specifically relevant to their focus and their responsibility scope. A clickable snapshot of a Tableau dashboard appears in their inbox, which will take the recipient to their dashboard of Tableau dashboards for further analysis.

4. Increase User Adoption

By leveraging email, the Tableau Administrator can quickly increase user adoption and interactivity with Tableau Software. The notifications do not need to be set to dire thresholds of immediate action, but rather by the variation of change or even via a schedule. Getting this data directly into the inbox through Metric Insights naturally increases the awareness of Tableau and its capabilities in a value-added means.

Metric Insight studies have shown that with their push intelligence, end user usage of BI tools rises to 70%.

Rather than approaching your Tableau dashboard with the “build it and they will come” philosophy, instead use the Metric Insights alerts to serve as your automated evangelists. This will lead your user base back into the system.


Metric Insights has created real value using push intelligence on top of the Tableau framework. It integrates seamlessly for the end user, so much so that they probably wouldn’t even realize that there are two different applications at work. The value is evident.

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Want to learn how the Push Intelligence Platform can change Tableau usage in your organization? InterWorks can help. Contact us today! Be sure to also check out our Metric Insights & InterWorks – Push Intelligence for Tableau webinar!

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