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Visual analytics in Tableau is a force multiplier for uncovering business insights. Even so, there are always better ways to build a dashboard or engineer your data.

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InterWorks can help you throughout the full continuum of dashboard development and data engineering needs. Whether it’s transforming datasets, applying thoughtful dashboard design and UX, going deeper with machine learning and data science, or simply deploying analytics environments, we have you covered.

Dashboard Development

Tableau dashboards are a great way for your users to discover valuable insight. Creating basic dashboards is easy in Tableau, but creating impactful and engaging dashboards requires skill. As Tableau's first Gold Partner, we can help you build high-quality, high-speed, high-value dashboards that are user friendly and goal driven. With our UCDD workshop, we can also teach your team to repeat that success.

UX & Design

Everyone wants to create beautiful dashboards, but designing for everyone, from analysts to executives, can be challenging at scale. That's where our experience consultants excel. They work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to create dashboards that resonate. At a higher level, they coordinate design across platforms, align with branding standards and advise on UX matters beyond the dashboards.

Dashboard Productionalization

Dashboard Productionalization brings in InterWorks experts that will identify the main drivers of dashboard load time, optimize their performance, clean up technical debt and apply development best practices, all with a writeup of what changes we made and why.

Data Engineering

Your dashboards are only as good as the underlying data, and that often requires data engineering and transformation expertise. Our data engineers can help you ingest, model, run and deploy your data quickly and effectively. Specializing in various toolsets like Matillion, Fivetran and Dataiku, we can do the work for you or train your people.

Platform Engineering

Transitioning from on-premises to the cloud? Maybe you're tuning or upscaling your existing deployment? Investing in an analytics platform for the first time? Our team has the expertise needed to engineer and architect analytics environments of all sorts, including Tableau, ThoughtSpot, Snowflake, Dataiku, Matillion and more. 

ML & Data Science

Machine learning models and data science are more attainable than ever before. Our team has the expertise and tool-specific knowledge to apply statistical approaches to your analytics. Cloud-based, visual platforms like Dataiku make this easy. We'll help you train and deploy models to delve into those deeper insights. 

Analytics Partners

By working with the best analytics partners in the industry, our business intelligence group is knowledgeable on all aspects of modern and legacy technology.

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Chelsea Morgan

Experience Designer + Consultant

Chelsea is a natural-born empathizer, creative and a learned problem solver & analyst, so she feels right at home connecting these qualities as a UX designer at InterWorks! During the work day, you can find her sketching out new Curator concepts, building out dashboards, creating logos or consulting. Outside of work? She's sure to be playing ukulele, hiking a new trail with friends or playing with her golden retriever Gryffin. If you ever need music recs, dashboard recs or puppy therapy, she's your go-to.

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    Parks and Rec
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    Long-distance running
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