Experiencing Tableau Conference on Tour London


Experiencing Tableau Conference on Tour London

Tableau Conference On Tour London has come to an end, but what an event it was! It was a privilege for InterWorks to be a sponsor and have the opportunity to see some old friends and make new ones. InterWorks often talks of the Data Journey and we had the opportunity to hear from you about the troughs, peaks, highs and lows of your own and we want to hear more. Whatever your next summit may be, we have the tools and guidance to get you there. See how we’ve mapped out the Data Journey in its entirety, then discover some of our most helpful Tableau resources below:

InterWorks, Exasol and Alteryx

This year we teamed up with Alteryx and Exasol for a different kind of competition: selfie time! It was great to see so many people take to social media expressing their silly side by posing against our selfie wall. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and who knows what we will come up with next year.

InterWorks at TCOT London


InterWorks Competition Winners

Tableau Your Data!, Expert Hotline and Power Tools for Tableau: Desktop were all exciting prizes we had to offer. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, we hope you enjoyed some of the swag we gave away.

IW EU Managing Director Mel Stephenson

Iron Viz

InterWorks prides itself on the talent, ambition and drive of its consultancy team and at Tableau Conference on Tour 2017, one of our Consultants, David Pires, was the brightest shining star!

At the inaugural European Iron Viz, David was put to the test to create a visual masterpiece from a data set he had received the day before. No big deal, right? Try doing that in front of 1500 people with a 20 minute timer! To be selected from hundreds of different Tableau dashboard designers is one thing, but to go on and win the competition…well that is exactly what David did! InterWorks could not be more proud. You can listen to David’s winning moment via this Iron Viz podcast, thanks to the Tableau Wanna Be podcast team.

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