Where Are You From? Visualizing TC15 Attendee Locations


Where Are You From? Visualizing TC15 Attendee Locations

We all know that TC15 brings together quite the variety of people from around the country and even around the world. The question, however, is where exactly are all these people coming from? I managed to get my hands on some data surrounding this year’s attendees to find out (don’t worry, it’s an anonymized data set).

About the Viz

The viz below features a filled map of the world with all points converging on Las Vegas. Attendees’ home countries are highlighted by varying shades of green. The darker the green, the greater the number of attendees from that country. If a country is shaded blue, that means no attendees from that country registered. Some of the more prominent countries feature name labels as well as the number of attendees. Since the majority of TC15 attendees are from the U.S., I included some marks within our borders to highlight the most common home states. Larger marks obviously signify a greater number of attendees.

Finally, at the very bottom of the viz, we have two area charts: The left shows the frequency of attendee home countries among all “Other Countries” outside the U.S. while the right shows home state frequency for just the U.S.

Have fun exploring the viz, and see you at the conference!

Note: Manually entered registration data doesn’t include the cleanest location information. Therefore, there will be many attendees from Null Island this year.

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Robert Rouse

Analytics Consultant
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