Exchange GRT backups to a Dell RD1000


Exchange GRT backups to a Dell RD1000


We are primarily a Dell shop, and one thing I’ve found out is that Backup Exec doesn’t always play nice with the Dell RD1000 on Exchange GRT backups.

If you are overwriting the RD1000 cassettes Backup Exec will erase the normal backups, but will leave and build up multiple copies of the Exchange Image Folders for GRT.

One way we have removed them is to setup a simple script or batch file to clear out the drive that represents the RD1000 5 minutes before the backup begins.

Here is an example of one of the batch files we use:

————————-Begin File After This——————-

@Echo off

Title InterWorks, Inc. RD1000 Drive Cleanup Utility

REM ********Notes************

REM Remember to change the “Drive Letter” below to the drive that is the removable disk in the RD1000

Echo – This is going to delete all the data from the Drive: Drive Cancel if you do NOT want this to happen


REM – remove the above lines (Echo and Pause), I put it in to help make sure I didn’t accidentally deleted anything on my computer if clicked

Del “Drive Letter”:*.* /f /s /q

rd /s /q “Drive Letter”


net stop “backup exec server” /y

net stop “backup exec device & media service” /y

net start “backup exec device & media service”

net start “backup exec server” 

net start “backup exec job engine” 


———————End Batch File Before This————–

You will need to change the “Drive Letter” to what your RD1000 is labeled and remove the Pauses (Either REM the lines out or delete then).  I’ve placed those in to help prevent an accidental deletion of a different drive in case you have multiple drive letters, and to verify it worked at the end.  Please be careful with implementing this as it doesn’t ask for approval and putting the wrong letter in could erase the wrong drive and all the data on that drive.  This information is as is and no support or warranty is implied or expressed.  The abolve information is given as is and under no circumstances can you make me or InterWorks liable for any damage, however caused, including, but not limited to damage you might do to your system using this batch file information.

Update 4-2-10

Updated delete to switch over to delete the information from the drive letter directly instead of switching to the drive letter first in case there are problems switching to that drive letter.


Update 10-30-12

Added net stop/net start lines to help with older versions of Backup Exec recognizing and re-setting up the removable disk files and folders on the RD1000 drive.

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