Troubleshooting issues in Backup Exec 2010 with Exchange 2010 and error E000FE30


Troubleshooting issues in Backup Exec 2010 with Exchange 2010 and error E000FE30


Having problems with backing up exchange 2010 in Backup Exec 2010?  Getting an E000FE30 error partially through with the Backup Exec Remote Agent crashing?

Here are some troubleshooting/testing steps you can try:

1. Test the individual components

   a. C Drive with a few files

   b. Full C Drive

   c. D drive with a few files

   d. Full D Drive

   e. Exchange Information store

   f. System State and Shadow Copy Components

   g. Repeat with AOFO Enabled and select the bottom option “Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (Windows 2003 and later)” and set the Snapshot provider to “Automatic – Allow VSS to select the snapshot provider”

2. If all these pass try Adding two of them together and re-test.

   a. For the client I was working with this caused the VSS to fail to complete fully and they entered a waiting for completion state.

   b. If you want to check yours enter a command prompt (start > run > cmd) and type without quotes at the prompt “vssadmin list writers”. You might see one or more listed in the following state:

Writer name: ‘System Writer’

   Writer Id: {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}

   Writer Instance Id: {b25db62a-f58e-4d9f-bf54-37f17f12742e}

   State: [5] Waiting for completion

   Last error: No error

3. You can stop and start the Volume Shadow Copy Services, reboot the server, or try a backup of just the system state to try and get the stuck VSS back into a normal running state:

State: [1] Stable

4. Once you have verified that the services are stable again you can try and retest. If it repeats you will need to contact Symantec Support and see if you might need the updated bedsmbox.dll. This file is scheduled to be included in a Hotfix for BE2010, but it will be a while before that hotfix comes out.


Update 3-17-10

The update is out and all you should need to do is make sure that your Backup Exec 2010 is completely up to date the Service Packs and Hot Fixes.

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