InterWorks Becomes a Snowflake Solution Partner


InterWorks Becomes a Snowflake Solution Partner

We’re pleased to announce that InterWorks is officially a Snowflake Solution Partner. After getting to know the Snowflake team as well as the ins and outs of their product, we see the immediate value Snowflake can bring to clients in search of a modern data warehousing solution. 

Snowflake’s built-for-the-cloud data warehouse delivers the power, flexibility and simplicity to enable modern data analytics and transform organizations into data-driven enterprises. We’re not the only ones who are convinced, evident by their growth beyond 1,000 customers and appearance on the 2018 Garter Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

“Bottom line, we only advocate the best technology for our clients. That means we think very carefully about who we partner with, the solutions they provide and how they treat their users. Snowflake checks all the boxes for us in that regard, and we can’t wait to show our clients the impact it can have within their data ecosystems.”

– Behfar Jahanshahi, CEO, InterWorks

Our Role as a Solution Partner

Snowflake will have an enormous impact on our clients’ daily data operations. As a Snowflake Solution Partner, our goal is to help clients integrate Snowflake successfully into their broader data ecosystem. Our holistic knowledge of such ecosystems makes us the perfect guide. With data warehousing sorted, our clients can focus on deriving insight from their data, not on cumbersome data management tasks. Backing all of this is the talented Snowflake team.

“We’re committed to solving the toughest data challenges, but the true impact to our customers emerges when we partner with the best system integrators to deliver innovative solutions that capitalize on our customers’ existing and future technology investments. InterWorks has the deep technology, business and industry experience to help transform our joint customers into data-driven enterprises.”

– Uday Keshavdas, Head of Global Alliances for System Integrators, Snowflake

Three Ways Snowflake Enables the Data-Driven Enterprise

What is that makes Snowflake so special? We sum it up into three categories: elasticity, connectivity and performance. Each varies in importance to different businesses, but Snowflake excels in all three categories, delivering the most advanced cloud data warehouse available.

1. Elasticity

Snowflake is cloud-built and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), so it’s as elastic as you need it to be. If your data warehousing needs are modest, you can start small and instantly scale out as you grow. Inversely, you can go big and scale back, on-the-fly, as you desire. Snowflake’s flexible, pay-by-the-second consumption model disrupts the legacy model of paying massive, upfront costs for traditional data warehouses.

2. Connectivity

In keeping with their modern approach, Snowflake is big on connectivity and compatibility. Native connectors include ODBC, JDBC, JavaScript, Python, Spark, R, Node.js and more. Seamless integrations to modern analytics software solutions such as Tableau Software make it easy to plug into virtually any data ecosystem. Native loading and optimization of JSON, Avro and XML also gives users plenty of options when interacting with data via SQL.

3. Performance

Performance may be the biggest consideration in data warehousing. Fortunately, Snowflake’s columnar database engine and advanced optimizations make it fly when you need to access your data. For organizations focused on rapid analytics via platforms such as Tableau, this is an essential requirement.

Beyond Better

These three attributes are more than enough reason to get behind Snowflake, but our decision to partner with them considered more than what’s under Snowflake’s hood. More than just looking for a company with a better product, we seek out partners with vision.

Case in point, we first engaged Snowflake in 2015. In the years since, we’ve watched carefully as their platform and vision grew into something remarkable. The real “aha!” moment came when InterWorks demoed Snowflake. Snowflake easily completed all of our tasks at lightning speed. To compare, many traditional data warehouses would still be installing in the time it took to configure Snowflake, complete the desired tasks and inspire a whole new set of data-driven insights.

Beyond simply doing things better or faster, Snowflake is built for the future. We can prove this to our clients at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to set up a traditional data warehouse. When the difference is days vs. months and fewer zeros on the final bill, it has all the upside with less of the risk.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in modernizing your data warehousing efforts with Snowflake, let’s talk. Reach out to us below with your goals, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Otherwise, be on the lookout for Snowflake/InterWorks events and continued insight published on our blog.

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